Texas Craft Brewery Guide to Enterprise Management Solutions

In the increasingly competitive world of craft brewing, those who will succeed – survive, even – will do so by virtue not only of the quality of their beer but also their agility, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Like any other industry, as competition heats up in the craft brewery industry, those who can maximize their effective use of their data will enjoy both strategic and tactical advantages over the competition. The best solutions combine a comprehensive set of capabilities with low total cost of ownership. No comprehensive solution can be trivial to adopt, but the best solutions will minimize that difficulty. Download our guide to learn more about how you can help your brewery grow!

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Iconic Brewery Management System

Automated systems, like the Iconic Brewery Management System, provide the foundation for the necessary brewery processes to be reproducible, documented, and followed, thus reducing risk by ensuring sound business practices are followed. Download our whitepaper to learn more about the benefits and implementation of an automated brewery management systems.

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Has Your Business Switched to VoIP Yet?

The telephone has come a long way since the days of switchboard operators. In many cases, however, businesses are still using plain old telephone systems (POTS) without knowing that there is a better form of telecommunication that is being adopted at an increasing rate across businesses. That technology is VoIP.

In this Sourceforge white paper, you will learn:

  • What's in Your Phone System?
  • What is VoIP?
  • How Does VoIP Save a Business an Average of 30% or More?
  • How to Switch to VoIP

So if you are considering upgrading your phone system – or are motivated by saving money and adding enterprise level services to your business – let Sourceforge compare the top VoIP providers for you! Simply select that you want to receive a quote on the following page and one of our VoIP Specialists will get in contact with you to jot down a few details in order to provide you with the best, no-obligation quote from a provider.

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Container Storage for Dummies

Although many organizations still use traditional storage appliances, they don’t offer the agility needed by containerized environments. Containers are highly flexible and bring incredible scale to how apps and storage are delivered; traditional storage can be the bottleneck that stops this progress. The underlying storage should be highly elastic, easily provisioned by developers and admins, and, ideally, managed using the same orchestration framework (like Kubernetes).

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3 Ways Microsoft 365 is a Game Changer for You and Your Clients

Microsoft 365 on-demand webinar

Want to know more about Microsoft’s latest product bundle? Watch this webinar and hear from the expert behind the project, so you are ready to help your clients integrate Microsoft 365 into their business!

Microsoft 365 promises to be the most innovative, all-in-one solution on the market. It combines features from their most popular packages, and promises to empower your employees, streamline your IT, and keep you protected. Want to find out how you, your team, and your customers can achieve more with Microsoft’s latest bundle, all whilst getting a head start on your competitors? Watch this webinar and you’ll hear from the expert behind this new project describing the Microsoft 365 Business offering, the opportunities it provides and how you can prepare for its launch. Don’t miss out on this great demo!

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eBook: Not All Cloud Contact Center Platforms Are Created Equal

Everyone says they’re “in the cloud,” but most technology leaders would agree that not all clouds are created equal. When evaluating a cloud contact center solution for your business, it’s important to understand the difference between a true Cloud 2.0 application and traditional software, including which features to look for and why those features are important.

Download this eBook and learn:

  • How a true Cloud 2.0 model is built to provide levels of reliability, scalability, flexibility and security that far exceed those of previous generations
  • The benefits of utilizing a platform built on microservices architecture
  • How to take your business to the next level with a built to scale cloud contact center platform
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Executive Brief: Ten Reasons To Choose PureCloud by Genesys

Whether you want to replace a legacy contact center solution or you’re transforming your customer experience strategy, PureCloud by Genesys delivers fast results and helps you deliver next-generation customer experiences.

This executive brief discusses how PureCloud can help you:

  • Bridge silos for collaboration via chat, video and calls with an all-in-one solution
  • Add new capabilities instantly as PureCloud is a true, native cloud 2.0 solution built using microservices architecture
  • Get up and running in days, not months, using built-in best practices and multiple deployment options
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How Microsoft Got Performance Reviews Right

Microsoft, long known for using stack ranking and ratings eliminated both in 2013.

It’s new performance management is based on more timely feedback to align employee objectives with company goals.

In this resource, you’ll learn how Microsoft evolved its annual appraisals to better drive performance, and how you can adopt a modern performance system similar to Microsoft’s.

  • How Microsoft uses check-ins to develop employees
  • What the company uses to determine compensation now that ratings are eliminated
  • How you can implement a performance management system similar to what Microsoft uses
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Disaster Recovery for Multi-Datacenter Apache Kafka Deployments


Datacenter downtime and data loss can result in businesses losing a vast amount of revenue or entirely halting operations. To minimize the downtime and data loss resulting from a disaster, enterprises can create business continuity plans and disaster recovery strategies.

Download this white paper for a practical guide to configuring multiple Apache Kafka clusters so that if a disaster scenario strikes, you have a plan for failover, failback, and ultimately successful recovery.

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Kafka: The Definitive Guide

Learn how to take full advantage of Apache KafkaTM, the distributed, publish-subscribe queue for handling real-time data feeds. With this comprehensive book, you’ll understand how Kafka works and how it’s designed.

Authors Neha Narkhede, Gwen Shapira, and Todd Palino show you how to deploy production Kafka clusters; secure, tune, and monitor them; write rock-solid applications that use Kafka; and build scalable stream-processing applications.

  • Learn how Apache Kafka compares to other queues and where it fits in the big data ecosystem
  • Dive into Kafka’s internal design
  • Pick up best practices for developing applications that use Kafka
  • Understand the best way to deploy Kafka in production monitoring, tuning, and maintenance tasks
  • Learn how to secure a Kafka cluster
  • Get detailed use-cases
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2017 Apache Kafka Report

Learn more about how companies are using streaming platforms.

Over the past several years, organizations across many industries have discovered, and are filling, an increasingly important gap in their data infrastructure. It sits at the nexus of big data, data integration, and all of their data stores and applications – a gap that is being filled by streaming platforms like Apache Kafka.

Confluent has enjoyed a front row view as companies adopt streaming platforms to create new products, become more responsive to customers and make business decisions in real time. This survey focuses on why and how companies are using Apache Kafka and streaming data and the impact it has on their business.

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Why Facebook Employees Are More Productive, Motivated, and Satisfied

How the largest social network in the world also boasts one of the highest employee approval ratings is nothing short of exceptional. While most competitors struggle to grow, Facebook has expanded from 3,000 employees to nearly 15,000 in just 5 years, reaping a whoppin $18 billion in revenue. Performance reviews, management strategies, and accessibility are core factors of their success. To better understand how these factors contribute to Facebook's meteoric rise, download our free pdf to learn more!

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4 Ways to Improve Your DevOps Testing

You already know the longer it takes to detect a problem, the more expensive it is to resolve. Your testing needs to happen earlier in the development pipeline while considering all aspects of privacy, security and monitoring.

Read the 4-part eBook to learn how to detect problems earlier in your DevOps testing processes by:

  • Proactively responding to your monitoring software
  • Integrating your security reqs in your initial development
  • Replicating real-world conditions to find unexpected variables
  • Performing continuous testing to uncover points of failure
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