A Clean, Clear Path to New Market Growth With Epicor Cloud ERP

Aerobiotix, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets professional air treatment systems for the healthcare market. Since 2013, they have actively worked with administrators and facilities nationwide to evaluate air quality issues, set targets, and prescribe the appropriate solutions through careful cost/benefit analyses.

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How to Successfully Select an ERP System in 8 Simple Steps

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a series of software applications or modules that collects data from your sales, purchasing, finance, inventory, supply chain, manufacturing, and quality functions into a common database. By unifying your enterprise, your company can more easily share information, coordinate activities, and collaborate.

If you’re looking for your first ERP system or looking to upgrade from an existing system, the evaluation, selection, and implementation process is a long-term strategic decision for your organization.

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Knowledge is Power

As millions of parents load their children into school buses each morning, or drop them off in the hug-n-go lanes nationwide, their words may be varied, but they all share the same hope: that their children will get a good education and stay safe. Let's take a deeper look into this in this blog post.

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Food, Beverage and Hospitality Industries Work To Protect Patrons and Workers

You own a restaurant chain and receive word that a vendor has supplied your entire nationwide system of fine-dining eateries with tainted meat. Or a large grocery chain, and hear word that your romaine may be unsafe to eat and needs to be pulled from thousands of shelves immediately. Or you run one of the world’s largest casinos and authorities tell you that they believe there is a threat of violence at your venue. You need to reach everyone quickly to keep customers, guests and staff safe from illness or harm.

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The Construction Industry and Regroup

Jobs in the construction industry include several occupations ranked among the most dangerous in the world. In this current tight employment market, the industry is hard-pressed for both employees and time. It is under extreme pressure to build its soaring skyscrapers, buildings and housing developments on time and on budget — and to keep its workforce informed and safe from harm simultaneously.

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Improve School Safety and Communications

Regroup enables your school and district to communicate better and respond faster when seconds count. Our award- winning mass notification platform is cost-effective, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with your existing LMS software.

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Regroup For The Food & Beverages Industry

Food Safety is of utmost importance - from the growing, processing, packaging, and shipping of a food product's life cycle, to the retail and serving phases. Today's food manufacturers, distributors and restaurant chains are faced with many challenges in keeping food safe, and a wide range of threats to business continuity and operational resilience.

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3 strategies for a successful intranet adoption

We have talked about common myths and issues surrounding user adoption of digital transformation initiatives, in particular such as intranets, digital workplaces and collaboration platforms.

Let us now, as promised, examine three different strategies for a successful intranet adoption.

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How can you ensure that your employees are engaged

Employee engagement is key to a high-performing organisation—that much is clear. But how can you ensure that your employees are engaged? Motivational theories provide some clues. Let’s examine the two most well-known ones in this article.

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Regroup For Construction

Regroup Mass Notification offers cost effective solutions that help you overcome communication challenges, while at the same time reducing overall costs. Keep your mobile workforce safe and informed with Regroups' simple, cost effective solution for critical and non critical mass communication.

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Why Digital Collaboration

We define digital collaboration as the digital systems people use to collaborate internally (within the enterprise network) or externally (with enterprise communities or partners) to get things done.

Modern companies are increasingly structured in silos. Specializations within different enterprise functions, geographic distribution and the proliferation of digital tools isolate people within their immediate business units.

Digital collaboration tools increase collaboration in the enterprise by creating collaboration synergies through a modern digital setting. Digital collaboration tools connect people, information, business applications and company communications, transforming your company into a unified, successful business force.

In practice, digital collaboration platforms provide a number of recent innovative technologies, such as social collaboration, project management and real-time communication, within an integrated digital setting.

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Common pitfalls behind Intranet project failures

If you are planning to modernize your company intranet, this guide is for you.

Having worked on numerous internal collaboration initiatives alongside our clients, we acquired a thorough understanding of what works and what does not in the particular context of an Intranet project. This short guide attempts to extract the most important of those lessons that we learnt for your benefit.

This guide is intentionally vendor agnostic: it will not help you choose a vendor but should help you build a successful intranet for your company regardless of your choice. It is also intentionally concise: we do not aim at being comprehensive, but rather attempt to focus on the most important and least known aspects of an intranet project.

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Start Every Meeting On Time

When your business runs on meetings, every minute counts. Unfortunately modern day complexities like AV connections, long dial-ins, document sharing and remote teams can often keep you waiting–and waiting some more–for your meetings to begin.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. With some planning smarts and the right systems, you, too, can have blissfully punctual meetings that not only start on time, but finish on the dot as well. Here are 9 causes and fixes for Late Meeting Syndrome.

Dialpad is the cloud based, AI-powered phone system that supports voice, video, and messages all from your existing devices.

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Boosting Workplace Productivity with AI

To close deals and get more done, you might feel compelled to make a drastic change, like hiring an entirely new team or overhauling every single operations system.

But this all-or-nothing approach isn’t necessarily the answer. Instead, try implementing one change that has far-reaching effects.

Enter: AI.

These two little letters can seem intimidating, but integrating this technology into your workplace has the power to transform every aspect of your business—no exaggeration.

In short, AI helps you work smarter, not harder, so you can focus on what matters most: building a better business.

Dialpad is the cloud based, AI-powered phone system that supports voice, video, and messages all from your existing devices.

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