IT Ops reporting is broken

This is a serious problem for IT execs.

They need to transform IT Ops to catch up with software and infrastructure modernization. In order to transform IT Ops, they must have easy and ready access to insight-rich, actionable IT Ops performance reports and analytics. But because IT Ops reporting is broken, there’s no easy way to do that.

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Can AIOps Reduce The Noise?

If you’re part of an IT Ops or NOC team, or if you manage one, you know that overwhelming IT noise is your #1 enemy. Flooded with false positives overwhelming IT noise means that IT Ops and NOC teams are flooded with false positives on an everyday basis. The problem gets significantly worse when outages and disruptions cause alert storms or alert floods and NOC techs and engineers can't isolate root cause.

Can AIOps tools, or IT Ops tools powered by AI and ML, help?

Download this solution brief to learn more.

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How to Intelligently Automate and Scale IT Operations at Global Enterprises

Digital transformation is critical for any enterprise that wants to win in today’s market. It requires meaningful IT investments in new applications, clouds, services, infrastructure and delivery models. These add complexity and scale that compound the already heavy burden on IT Operations, which in turn increases the risk of painful IT disruptions.

Service outages, lost revenue, angry customers and runaway costs put at risk the very technology-enabled innovations meant to keep your enterprise competitive. For IT Operations to transform, it must intelligently automate and scale in order to keep up with a transforming IT reality.

The current generation of automation technologies – based on static rules and largely built by hand - are not a fit for modern, and complex IT environments. It’s time for the next generation of automation…

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Don’t Let Legacy Systems Limit Digitization, Extend Them Instead

When it comes to overcoming the challenges posed by legacy systems and addressing the the need for next generation capabilities like digital and mobile workflows, most organizations stop short. Adapting existing technological infrastructure to meet business needs can take months, sometimes years, and hundreds of thousands (even millions) of dollars.

So now what?

Download Don’t Let Legacy Systems Limit Digitization, Extend Them Instead and learn how you can still easily leverage your legacy systems and get the next generation capabilities you need to take your business to the next level.

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The Need for Speed: Automating Manual Processes

Today, business has become increasingly global, sophisticated, and complex ­­­ accelerating the pace of operations and response times. The need for speed is a must. To be quick and agile, organizations are increasingly seeking to automate their operations. Yet, how this be accomplished at scale and within a timely manner?

Read The Need for Speed: Automating Manual Processes and learn how low ­code platforms like TrackVia enable you to create custom workflow applications that are mobile ­ready and IT­ approved within weeks. Download the paper now.

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Giving Up on Digitization Initiatives

A Survey of Operations Executives

6 reasons why operations executives give up on digitization.

Digitization means finding solutions that solve for both manual processes and legacy systems, but digitizing with or without IT’s involvement is risky, costly, and time ­consuming. It’s no surprise operation executives are giving up. In fact, 58% are reverting back to manual processes.

TrackVia surveyed over 200 enterprise operation executives in March of 2019 to discover why operations teams are unable to evolve.

Download Giving Up on Digitization Initiatives: A Survey of Operations Executives to learn more about their experience and why there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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Deliver a Winning Lending Experience

With more twists and turns and “go back to start” than a game of Chutes and LaddersⓇ, it’s no surprise customers are looking for alternatives to the traditional mortgage process. Changing customer expectations combined with lower margin and price compression have driven digital transformation strategies across the industry. The next stop? The back office.

“The second digital revolution will focus on the back office to lower the cost for processing and underwriting.”

With a measured approach to automating middle and back office processes, lenders can: improve the customer experience, increase asset quality while mitigating risk, simplify regulatory compliance, increase efficiency, and contain costs.

Download Deliver a Winning Lending Experience now to learn how industry leaders like Stearns Lending are digitizing their back office operations to grow their bottom line.

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Digitizing Banking Back Offices with Low Code Platforms

Modernizing the Back­ Office: Digitizing Financial Services with Low Code Platforms.

Banks today operate between two distinct worlds of back­ office and front­ office operations. Yet, most banks focus on optimizing the front­end customer experience. Oftentimes, this creates even more back­office manual processes.

On average, retail banks today have between 300 and 800 back­ office processes to manage and monitor. These processes leave the back ­office staff to deal with redundant tasks, excessive manual processing, and slow response times. This is why digitizing back­ office processes have the most potential on making monumental impact to the business.

Download Digitizing Banking Back Offices with Low Code Platforms and learn how easily you can digitize back ­office processes in weeks with low ­code platforms like TrackVia. TrackVia helps banks improve operations, customer experience, as well as data quality and accessibility.

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Banking on Automation for a Better Back Office

Financial institutions are counting on banking operations to help transform them into the bank of the future. But, most bank back offices still have between 300 and 800 back ­office processes to manage and monitor ­­ hampering their progress and making data breakdowns are inevitable. As a result, banks can’t bring new offerings to market quickly, and still deliver disjointed experiences that leave consumers unfulfilled.

It’s time for a better way to approach back office automation.

Download Banking on Automation for a Better Back Office and learn how digitizing your back office processes with a workflow platform allows you to:

  • Automate data collection to reduce errors and standardize your data
  • Digitize work flows to speed up end ­to­ end processing
  • Reduce operating expenses and improve the cost ­basis of consumer offerings

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Prevent Data Blackouts

Digitizing Solar Operations to Connect Field Data to the Office.

When it comes to the solar business, you’re only as good as the data coming from the construction, operations and maintenance, and storage. Yet, companies today still collect data using paper and pen.

“...88% of all spreadsheets have errors in them, while 50% of spreadsheets used by large companies have material defects.” – CNBC

Solve the problem at the source — the field.

In Prevent Data Blackouts: Digitizing Solar Operations to Connect Field Data to the Office, we discuss how digitizing operations with a mobile friendly workflow platform, allows you to.

Acquire more complete, consistent, and accurate data in real­time. Take action in a fraction of your current response time. Analyze all your data across multiple systems for faster and more informed business decisions. Download the eBook today

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Turn Up The Power

Digitizing Operations to Improve Performance, Quality, and Compliance.

These days, competition, regulation, and technology are fundamentally changing how energy and utilities businesses operate. As the stakes get higher, the pressure is on to do everything better and faster — while continuously reducing costs.

Energy and utilities leaders understand they need a digitization strategy that will see their organizations into the future and CEOs believe digital transformation will deliver sustainable cost reductions, enhance revenue growth, and support better decision ­making.

Yet, despite digital’s tremendous potential, energy and utilities organizations have been slow to adopt or fully implement digital initiatives. Meanwhile, the consequences of continuing to rely on manual processes and disparate systems negatively impact business — creating challenges with meeting goals for on ­time performance, quality, safety, and compliance.

Read Turn Up the Power: Digitizing Operations to Improve Performance, Quality, and Compliance and learn the day­today impacts of manual processes and disparate systems and how you can quickly implement custom, IT­ approved workflow apps that integrate with your systems in weeks.

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Manual Processes Amid Utility Service Providers

A Survey Report from the Utilities’ Perspective.

Utility companies and service providers are at a tipping point.

TrackVia surveyed 200 utility companies about the business risks of service providers using manual processes and the results are staggering. With time­consuming and costly data entry, reporting, and auditing, as well as the inability to quickly access accurate information to address outage and customer service issues, it’s clear service providers need to evolve.

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Don’t Replace Your Phone System! Just Modernize It

This webinar is led by Neil Darling, an industry leader for over 15 years in the SIP Trunking community. Neil pioneered “Native” SIP Trunking, which means SIP Trunking integrated directly into the hardware of the phone system, eliminating the need for any additional equipment. Neil has helped thousands of businesses across the USA save thousands of dollars every month on their phone bill by utilizing SIP Trunking technology.

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • When is the right time to buy a new phone system?
  • When is it the right time to modernize my existing phone system?
  • How to modernize your phone system?
  • How do I measure the value I’m getting from my phone system?

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5 Things You Need to Know about the Future of SIP

While some companies have already begun the new fiscal year, others continue to prepare budgets for 2020. Now more than ever, businesses are turning to SIP trunking for the most reliable, cost-effective communication solutions.

Read on to know what telecom experts need to know about future of SIP.

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Zero2Hero™ Stack Solution

Your data is across multiple systems, in multiple data silos making key customer insights impossible. 56% of customer interactions happen during a multi-channel, multi-event journey. How can you create a unified view of customer activity and behavior, both from formal and informal interactions, and turn them into actionable insights?

And what if on top of those actionable insights you could take advantage of machine learning to automate newly imagined business processes? Read on to learn more.

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