Effective Security in a BYOD Environment: Arming Your Organization Against the Unknown

As much as IT might like to lock down your network, BYOD is becoming the norm. Employee devices have the potential to bring more than convenience - they also enhance agility and efficiency, as well as create more productive collaboration and customer support.

The downside to a BYOD environment is more risk, since it opens new avenues for access to enterprise resources. To get ahead of threats, your IT needs to come up with a pragmatic strategy to secure data and assets from malware and theft - without impeding the flexibility BYOD can deliver for your enterprise.

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The Promises and Pitfalls of BYOD

Tech-savvy companies know that allowing employees to use personal devices improves productivity and job satisfaction. In addition, enterprises can significantly reduce costs as well as benefit from geographically dispersed talent, allowing for flexible work hours by letting workers use their device of choice - be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop - anytime, anywhere. However, BYOD presents major security and compliance challenges to IT departments. Protecting your network from unauthorized access, malware and data theft becomes much more complex when personal devices are allowed onto the network. Is there a solution for balancing BYOD and security?
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Integrate Rational ALM applications with SAP Solution Manager

IBM Application Lifecycle Management, powered by Jazz, delivers the IBM vision for a collaborative Application Lifecycle Management process. The IBM Application Lifecycle Management platform can now also be integrated with SAP Solution Manager to enhance quality throughout enterprise applications lifecycle for SAP and heterogeneous projects. Read this Technical White Paper to understand how SAP Solution Manager is integrated with IBM ALM to integrate SAP with heterogeneous applications.
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From Wow to How 4: Mobilizing the Enterprise

The flexibility users demand. The control and security you need.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have created an online version of From Wow to How: Mobilizing the Enterprise. Join Citrix, HP and Virtualization Review for this 1-hour event to discover how to enable flexible workstyles - without compromising management, security, or control. This exciting technology demo and moderated discussion will show you how you can:

-Give users device and app choice without impacting compliance requirements
-Deliver internal and third-party mobile apps directly to users' devices
-Provide self-service, single-click access to mobile, web, SaaS or Windows apps
-Increase user productivity with secure email, web browsing and data sharing apps
-Selectively wipe corporate apps and data to maintain iron-clad security

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Why Protection and Performance Matter

Protection and performance should not be mutually exclusive. Learn why they go hand in hand in this white paper, "Why Protection and Performance Matter." Outdated firewalls pose a serious security risk to your organization. Learn how Dell™ SonicWALL™ next-generation firewalls can provide both extremely high levels of protection and the performance your organization requires. By combining high-performance multi-core architecture and reassembly-free DPI technology, Dell SonicWALL next-generation firewalls overcome the limitations of traditional firewalls and enable enterprise businesses to scale their network security to meet the demands of emerging threats, while ensuring the network performance to meet key business objectives.
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Anatomy of a Cyber-Attack

Do you know how to keep cyber-criminals out of your network? Cyber-criminals employ complex techniques to avoid detection as they sneak into corporate networks to steal intellectual property. They will do anything to find and exploit your weaknesses. Don't give the bad guys the keys to your network. Learn how to protect your organization from emerging threats in our e-book, "Anatomy of a Cyber-Attack." It provides insights into the tools and strategies used by cyber-criminals and how to stop them. It also describes different types of malware, including viruses and worms that can devastate your network - and your business.
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Modernize your IBM i projects with Rational Software and ARCAD-Rational Power Pack

In order to optimize the return on your investment in IBM i application development, test and support environment, you need to address the immediate requirements of operational efficiency and quality, as well as longer-term issues such as skills retention and application modernization. IBM i development teams work in a highly specialized environment, and ARCAD's intelligent tools for application analysis, integration and deployment can help serve as important elements for your overall strategy.
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Improve your productivity by using the debugger in Rational Developer for Power Systems Software

IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software features an integrated source-level debugger that helps you debug applications written in different languages and running on different platforms. The key feature of the debugger is that its user interface client connects remotely to a debugger engine running on a different machine. This article shows you how to use the debugger's core features, its advanced features, and its integration with the rest of Rational Developer for Power Systems and other IBM technology.
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Why Rational Development Solutions for Power?

Read about the real life experiences of two customers who used Rational Development Solutions for Power to save money and create workload optimized developers who were much more productive in meeting innovative business challenges than ever before.
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IBM Requirements management for smart products resources

If you are new to requirements management, or wish to improve your existing requirements management process, the resources in this e-Kit will provide you with useful guidance and advice. Learn what requirements management is and how it can help your organization improve quality, reduce costs and better meet customer needs.
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The IBM approach

The IBM solution for DevOps helps an organization collaborate across a broad group of stakeholders that includes not only development, but also line of business, clients, and operations teams. This paper explains the IBM approach to DevOps.
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What to Look for When Evaluating Next-Generation Firewalls

Traditional firewalls fail to provide adequate security against today's threats. Next-generation firewalls provide greater protection, but because they are more complex, they are more difficult to evaluate. This paper summarizes the results of three independent tests conducted by Network World, ICSA Labs and NSS Labs comparing NGFW performance, cost and functionality. You'll get insights into what to look for when evaluating next-generation firewalls. The paper also provides links to the portions of the research that have been made public. Learn why not all next-generation firewalls offer the same level of protection and why Dell™ SonicWALL™ next-generation firewalls are critical to your organization's security.
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IBM Storwize V7000 Unified Provides Enterprise-Class Value in a VMWare Environment

Server virtualization from VMware provides a powerful environment for consolidating a large number of physical servers, thereby delivering cost savings, asset optimization and enhanced flexibility to the data center. The IBM Storwize V7000 Unified storage system, combined with powerful management software from IBM Tivoli, provides an ideal complement to VMware vSphere deployments by providing a highly virtualized storage infrastructure designed to meet the specific needs of virtual server environments.
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