Get Big Data into Production at the Speed of Business

In this paper, learn how workload automation can help you adopt, manage, and exploit Hadoop effectively and meet enterprise requirements for self-service, compliance, forecasting, SLAs, and more. Find out how to:
  • Build out your Hadoop environment more quickly and minimize complexity
  • Test Hadoop projects efficiently with production data from diverse sources
  • Avoid the expense and risk of scripting
  • Maintain visibility, control, and compliance for applications in Hadoop
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Forrester Analyst Report – Application Adoption Trends: The Rise Of SaaS

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is the leading factor driving system replacements and net new investments in applications. Investment plans for 2014 reveal a significantly increased appetite for SaaS in a broad range of areas, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), finance, and business intelligence. This Forrester report helps application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals understand the drivers for SaaS adoption and how adoption trends may impact future plans to replace or upgrade current applications.
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The Pursuit of Happiness Through a Ticketless Help Desk

Reach Help Desk Nirvana! How nice would it be for IT and the service desk team to have the ability to actually prevent incidents and resulting “tickets”? Now is the time to get on the road to a ticketless service desk. In this webinar, we will discuss social self-service and actionable “Big Data” analytic approaches that improve service quality and staff efficiency. We will look at how these capabilities come together with automation to provide the connected intelligence required to succeed in an ever changing and demanding IT world.
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Build or Buy TCO Online Tool: Colocation

When deciding whether to build or buy infrastructure, the choice is simple when the potential savings are substantial. Compare your potential 10-year costs using CenturyLink’s TCO Comparison Tool – and decide with confidence.

Calculate your data center TCO now – and see how you can:

• Reduce upfront costs

• Increase efficiency of IT staff

• Scale power, bandwidth and space on-demand

Calculate now.

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Centurylink Races Ahead of Competiton with Hybrid Solution

Off-the-shelf IT solutions aren’t a good fit for every company. They can’t deliver flexibility, agility and customization companies require. (Not to mention, they can rack up considerable costs!) That’s why Cancer Research UK turned to CenturyLink Technology Solutions when it needed an affordable, hybrid cloud solution to bring its new Race for Life website to market.

“With CenturyLink’s help, we managed to create a dedicated hybrid cloud, bundling the Race for Life project with other managed services for 50% less than the majority of other service providers were offering for the Race for Life website hosting alone,” says Mick Briggs, Head of Infrastructure at Cancer Research UK.

Read “CenturyLink races ahead of competition with hybrid solution for Cancer Research UK” now, and see how hybrid IT solutions can speed you forward and increase efficiencies.

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Hybrid IT: The Best of All Worlds

Download “Best of All Worlds” now and fast-forward your business’ agility with a hybrid IT solution.

In “Hybrid IT: Best of All Worlds,” you’ll learn why this situation is leading many IT decision-makers to re-evaluate and re-imagine their core infrastructure. And, as a result, they’re outsourcing a growing proportion of it, utilizing a hybrid array of different approaches – such as data center colocation, managed services and cloud solutions. This allows decision-makers to focus more of their resources on delivering business applications – not managing the day-to-day operations of data centers.

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Focus on Core Businesses and Innovations

A strong technology partner can help companies put focus back on their core business. Scrivantage, a software company, needed just this type of partner, so they could focus on enabling financial institutions to improve operational efficiency with their full suite of powerful applications.

To effectively serve the financial services industry, Scrivantage has to be up and running 24/7 and meet a rigorous set of requirements. Their need for scalable IT infrastructure that is always secure, reliable and available is imperative to meeting their customer’s demands.

Read “Scrivantage Experiences Rapid Growth and Speeds Time to Market with CenturyLink” now, and learn how Scrivantage partnered with CenturyLink to attract new clients and promote growth.

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Devops Unlimited Migrates its Clients’ into the Cloud

DevOps Unlimited needed to provide application infrastructure for a start-up client which was enjoying rapid growth with its new financial services product. Neither DevOps nor the client wanted to invest in, or manage, its own IT hardware, so a cloud service was the ideal solution. It would give the client the ability to grow rapidly without tying up time, resources and capital expense deploying dedicated IT hardware.

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Align your IT Infrastructure with the Demands of your Customer Base

Finding a technology partner that understands your customers is crucial to success. When Linedata, a financial software and services provider, launched its new SaaS offering, it needed a world-class data center, and a trusted network carrier to connect clients to the product. But serving clients in the investment management and leasing and lending markets, Linedata knew it was also critical that their partner understand the unique and demanding requirements of the financial industry.

After evaluating numerous vendors, Linedata chose CenturyLink Technology Solutions – which had everything it needed and more. CenturyLink met all three of Linedata’s core criteria, having strong security compliance, a reliable global network and a deep understanding of the financial industry.

Read “Linedata Launches SaaS-Based Offering and Expands Global Reach with Markets Infrastructure” now, and learn how Linedata partnered with CenturyLink to expand its product offerings and achieve a global presence.

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Solving for “Total Costs” in the Cloud

It’s a simple question: How much is it going to cost to move an application to the cloud? But the answer is not simple, and many businesses suffer costly surprises when they make the move.

This paper shows you how to calculate the total cost of migrating applications to the cloud, including obvious hardware costs as well as the human costs of managing apps in the cloud.

Have you factored in these costs?

• Training related to new skills, tools, and processes

• Server CPU, memory, storage, and monitoring

• VPN and direct connect fees

• Need for additional cloud administrators

• Cost of moving data to the cloud

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Gartner Quadrant for Cloud IaaS

The 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Infrastructure-as-a-Service is available now and there are some must-read findings that will impact your cloud buying decision.

Download the complimentary analyst report, “Gartner magic quadrant for Cloud IaaS” now and discover:

• How the choice of an IaaS impacts the quality of your IT operations

• What visionary providers offer to reinvent the relationship between infrastructure, applications, and management

• How capabilities are being tailored to be attractive to both developer and IT audiences

Download the complimentary Gartner analyst now for additional insight into the fast-moving cloud market, and get armed with the information you need to evolve your cloud strategy.

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Increasing the Bottom Line by Knowing Your Customers Better

As today’s organizations focus more intensely on their prospects and customers, the ability to collect and analyze customer information has become critical. Collecting and utilizing customer data is essential to developing a loyal customer base and optimizing product offerings. To better understand where organizations are on the path to developing a larger and more comprehensive data set about their customers and prospects, Slashdot Media fielded a Pulse survey to ask users how they are getting to know their customers better. Register now to read the results.
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