2013 IT Trends: Expectations, Budgets and the Role of IT

The tough global economy has hardened IT organizations over the past several years, enabling them to focus on improving user performance, meeting compliance needs and aligning IT to business objectives while cutting costs. Read this paper for an in-depth analysis of IT trends that will heavily impact IT professionals in 2013.
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The Competitive Edge: Powerful Application Solutions for CRM and ERP

Customer relationship management (CRM) is about tracking and managing business relationships. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is about managing business materials and processes. Together they can transform a business. This white paper examines how you can get the most from CRM and ERP, find the best system for your business and how IBM can help.
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Businesses are ready for a new approach to IT

Today's businesses need simpler more efficient and flexible computing models. The IBM PureSystems family is comprised of platform systems and infrastructure systems that include built-in "patterns of expertise" to address complex business and operational tasks for smarter computing.
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Transforming Your Business with Software as a Service

IBM SmartCloud™ Solutions delivers the SaaS solutions needed to maximize collaborations, accelerate innovations, make impactful, informed decisions and become a truly customer-centric organization. Backed by IBM's deep industry knowledge and desire to continually innovate for the benefit of our clients, this portfolio aligns IT and line-of-business priorities to maximize software investments and streamline business processes. The result is a customer-centric company culture that is nimble and ready to act. Only IBM SmartCloud Solutions transcends other SaaS options by meeting security, extensibility, performance and integration demands. Transform your thinking and invigorate your business with SaaS delivered through IBM SmartCloud Solutions.
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IBM SmartCloud™ Engage Security

SmartCloud Engage is an integrated suite of collaboration tools that combine your business social network with web conferencing and collaboration capabilities, like file storing and sharing, instant messaging and activity management. SmartCloud Engage provides essential collaboration services, leveraging IBM's unique position as a world-renowned security leader and trusted partner. Security is a competitive differentiator for SmartCloud Engage. SmartCloud Engage business-ready security is based on a deep understanding of security and privacy best practices in IBM. Our security controls provide privacy and controlled authorization to sensitive information while enabling business operations. Engage protects our customers' information through governance, tools, technology, techniques, and personnel.
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Key Requirements for Today’s Mobile Workers: Security, Compliance and Control in the Age of Regulation

Thanks to the widespread availability of broadband services and Wi-Fi hotspots, today's highly mobile employees feel comfortable working anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, this mobility also coincides with an increase in data leaks and theft, along with new with rules and regulations governing data privacy and protection. These converging trends mean companies must pay much greater attention to data security, compliance and control. This Slash Guide outlines how you can reduce risks from data and email leaks, lost mobile devices, strengthen authentication and access control, avoid the expense and embarrassment of cleaning up after a data breach, and much more.
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Sharing Simplified: Consolidating Multiple File Sharing Technologies

Employees need to share content with colleagues throughout the organization and, increasingly, with others not directly employed by their company. However, traditional ECM technologies make it hard to share content within a single business and, in many cases, impossible to do between organizations. Ideally, multiple file sharing technologies would be consolidated into a single solution with the following characteristics: intuitive, accessible, comprehensive, connectable, embeddable, secure, scalable, reliable, and affordable. Box meets and exceeds these criteria.
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