Brainshark Customer video

Learn how Brainshark is leveraging EMC infrastructure to confidently deliver software-as-a-service. Understand how EMC is helping to address increasing data growth challenges and increasing customer requirements for higher availability, performance and scalability.
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IBM PureFlex System Configurations

IBM PureFlex Systems combine advanced IBM hardware and software with "patterns of expertise" and integrate them into three optimized configurations that are simple to acquire and deploy. Read the data sheet to learn more about configurations optimized for small businesses, application servers, and transactional and database systems.
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IBM Rational Software for SAP

Organizations that use SAP must keep pace with constant change. IBM Rational Software for SAP offers a comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management and quality management tools to extend SAP Solution Manager capabilities and enable a holistic approach to SAP and non SAP deployment.
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Gartner on the facts and future of BYOD

This Gartner report, brought to you by Citrix GoToAssist, explores the BYOD phenomenon, outlining how to define and implement a plan that drives innovation, increases employee satisfaction and reduces costs.

Download this report to learn:
- The impact of BYOD on business
- Why it's important to establish clear policies
- How BYOD creates new mobile workforce opportunities
- 8 ways to optimise BYOD across the organisation
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Three Ways to Improve Your Data Storage Capabilities

Storage is at the heart of any data center application. Whether you're managing hundreds of virtual machine images or millions of records, you need to be able to save, search for, and retrieve that data in the optimal amount of time. This guide will detail storage strategies that will help you gain access to high-speed Flash storage, and bring it into your data center, regardless of the size of your operation. We'll explore how you can manage your storage needs, optimize storage performance, and do so while saving money at the same time.
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Next Gen IT and the Cloud

Find out how next-gen IT solutions are flexible, intuitive, social and powerful - and how IT in the cloud will help your organization not only keep up with today's complex IT ecosystem, but manage it more efficiently than ever before.
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IT Governance, Risk and Compliance with ServiceNow

Organizations are faced with many auditing challenges and often find themselves defining controls in documents and spreadsheets, manually tracking audit task assignments and storing audit documentation in disparate locations. With the ServiceNow IT GRC functionality, organizations gain a central repository that contains policies, risks, controls, findings and more all in one place. It also provides a way to automate audit tasks for remediation efforts and a dashboard view to manage the entire audit process. Learn more during this webinar.
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The Now State of IT

Join Craig McDonogh and Rob Phillips for a demonstration of what can happen when ServiceNow is used across an enterprise. You'll see representative examples from the CIO to the Facilities Manager and everyone in between.
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