10 Ways to Boost Computing Performance in Midsize Organizations

With the growing demand for faster business applications and the rapid spread of technology trends like Big Data, computing performance has never been more important. The challenges for midsize businesses are even greater. With fewer resources, IT teams in midmarket organizations need to be able to deliver mission-critical applications at full-horsepower to employees. They also need to be able to do more with less -- more computing power with fewer servers, smaller teams and leaner budgets. This IT Managers' Journal delivers 10 ways IT managers and data center professionals in midsize organizations can deliver more computing power to meet the promises they have made. Topics covered include Linux servers, IBM Power Systems, SAP applications and business systems, a real-world case study showcasing the benefits of replacing underperforming servers, Big Data, techniques for better server management and more. Download this exclusive IT Managers' Journal and learn how to get more out of your data centers today.
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IBM Omni-Channel Digital Experiences

"Organizations have always looked for better ways to reach, communicate, and engage seamlessly with customers, vendors, suppliers and employees. More often than not, this entails jumping from device to device in the course of a single interaction and organizations look for consistency in delivery of contents across touch points. Learn how IBM's portfolio enables leading organizations to provide a framework to build and maintain multichannel digital experiences that put them ahead of the competition".
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Engage customers by delivering personalized digital experiences

This paper highlights the many benefits that IBM Exceptional Digital Experience, together with IBM's Marketing Optimization solution, that organizations can harness to deliver a unique and personalized digital experience. IBM Exceptional Digital Experience and IBM Marketing Optimization solution can help organizations differentiate their digital brand; reach customers and prospects across nearly any channel; deliver tailored, relevant messages; and easily launch and schedule marketing campaigns. Real-time customer insights and analytics woven into these two solutions maximize ROI for digital channels and marketing investments.
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Webroot Intelligence Network: Real-Time Protection Against Malware Infection

Malware is at such high levels (more than 60 million unique samples per year) that protecting an endpoint with traditional antivirus software has become futile. More than 100,000 new types of malware are now released every day, and antivirus vendors are racing to add new protection features to try to keep their protection levels up. The Webroot Intelligence Network integrates billions of pieces of information from multiple sources - including data from customers, test laboratories, and intelligence shared between security vendors - to create the world’s largest malware detection net.
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Veeam Backup Free Edition for VMware and Hyper-V

Whether you use VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or a combination of both, Veeam® Backup™ Free Edition is a perfect fit for your environment. No matter how you do regular backups, Veeam Backup Free Edition is the must-have tool for managing your VMs.
Are you on a budget or still experimenting with VM backup? Veeam Backup Free Edition is the perfect solution because it's:

- Powerful: Clone, copy, export and manage your VMs. Look inside the VM and restore individual items.
- Easy-to-use: No complicated configuration, and no need to power off the VM. It just works!
- Free: No expiration date and no limit on the number of hosts or VMs.
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10 Ways Skill & Technology Patterns Can Complete Your IT Strategy

It's no secret today's IT workforce is resource constrained. Doing more with less is a mantra. In addition, IT is now expected to on-board new skills and technologies quickly. Technology professionals must be able to ship new apps and products at a breakneck pace. Using yesterday's IT strategies won't cut it anymore. Today's IT needs to be re-structured away from large teams and rigid IT stacks to a more adaptable, solutions approach. In particular, IT needs flexible and predictable patterns of expertise. By patterns, we mean recurring and repeatable solutions to standard business problems. These patterns can speed time to delivery and enable IT to move more quickly and with greater agility.
This IT Manager's Journal (ITMJ) makes the decisive business case for a patterns-based approach to IT. The paper lays out ten ways patterns can reduce time to action and create more efficiencies. Topics covered include Business Process Management (BPM), Databases and Database as a Service (Daas), IT patterns, patterns-based IT strategy, and much more. Download this exclusive ITMJ today and learn how your IT department can successfully implement a patterns-based approach today.
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10 Common Problems APM Helps You Solve

Applications in today's distributed, cloud-based IT environment need to perform at their peak at all times. Unfortunately, most do not. And while many developers and IT professionals have Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, they often don't know how to take full advantage of their benefits. This SlashGuide gives IT professionals and developers practical advice they need to get the most out of APM.
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Building Better Code: 10 Ways To Use APM

Every developer works hard to write the best possible code. Achieving excellence is difficult. That's where Application Performance Management (APM) can help. When used properly, APM can help developers gain insight into the performance, scalability, and reliability of their apps. When implemented properly into the development process, APM can give software developers the data and reporting they need to improve the speed and stability of their apps. This SlashGuide gives developers 10 ways they can use APM to improve the quality and performance of the software they ship. Download this exclusive SlashGuide now and start building better apps now.
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APM & Applications Operations: How to Make Apps Run More Efficiently in the Age of the Cloud

As enterprises have embraced IT trends like cloud computing and virtualization, their operational needs have evolved. Application performance is more important now than ever. But operating applications at peak performance is difficult in the dynamic world of cloud-based applications. That's why many enterprise IT departments now have Applications Operations groups whose task it is to ensure that applications run efficiently across these complex IT stacks. This SlashGuide gives IT managers a scorecard they can use to identify APM solutions that will deliver more efficient application performance.
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IBM DB2 and SAP software: Optimized for accelerated analytics

The enterprise database provides the critical foundation for any SAP implementation. It must deliver exceptional performance for timely decision making while controlling costs and complexity. IBM® DB2® is uniquely designed to fulfill this need. This brochure highlights: IBM® DB2® with BLU Acceleration includes new capabilities that help enhance performance, simplify management and reduce the total cost of ownership for organizations using the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse application.
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Go Beyond APM with Real-Time IT Operations Analytics

Operations teams stand at the intersection of IT and the business. As a result, business success increasingly depends on how quickly IT Operations teams resolve problems and respond to new demands. This white paper details how IT operations teams can harness the wealth of wire data already flowing through their environment for real-time operational intelligence. With correlated, cross-tier visibility only available through wire data, IT teams can answer the question, "What is happening in my environment right now?"
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BYOD Without Tears

This white paper looks at the challenges of integrating BYOD within corporate networks and avoid compromised connectivity or performance for established wired and wireless users.
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10 Ways SMB’s Can Accelerate Workload Deployments

While many IT professionals know that a good reference architecture can improve business performance, many still aren't sure how to pick the right one. And more importantly, a section of these IT pros -- especially those in SMBs -- still don't know how the right reference architecture can speed up their crucial business processes. The best reference architectures can help IT pros deal with the constant demands to implement new workloads, expand existing ones, and keep the current. This IT Managers' Journal is designed to help IT professionals better understand the role the right reference architecture can play in their businesses -- and how they can get the most out of it. The systems profiled in this journal make it easy to meet the demands of the business, propel growth, and help your business gain a competitive edge. Download this IT Manager's Journal to learn more.
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