Happy Users, Happier IT: A Dream World Becomes Reality

Connected people are accustomed to convenience and simplicity when they use technology. To stay productive at work, they demand faster, easier access to IT services, wherever they are. BMC Software meets the changing demands of service delivery with a new approach to IT self-service. MyIT gives users everything they need - all from one simple, intuitive app. A world can exist where users help themselves and you spend more time on strategic IT initiatives. Try MyIT today!
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What Does Friction Between Business and IT Cost your Organization?

"Exploring Business and IT Friction: Myths and Realities", outlines key issues that cause friction between business users and IT, such as:

- Gaps in customer satisfaction and the perceived value of services

- Inadequate IT support, which decreases productivity and revenue

- Lack of communication and ownership in how business users and IT work together to identify service levels and technology needs

See what 900 business and IT professionals had to say and get recommendations for change.

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How Engineering Leaders Can Solve Common Embedded Linux Challenges

Whether your organization is considering Linux-based system development for the first time, or looking for a better approach, chances are that you are facing a multitude of common challenges. Learn how you can help your engineering team get the next product development project off the ground faster and be in a better position to finish it successfully, on time and within budget. Download this free whitepaper now.
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Top Considerations for Moving to a Cloud Delivery Model for ITSM

Software-as-a-service is more than just a cloud-based delivery model - it's a new approach to service that lets companies optimize utilization of in-house IT resources while providing service more effectively. But is SaaS-based IT service management (ITSM) right for your organization? This paper discusses key considerations for moving from a traditional software delivery model to SaaS.
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Cloud benefits for the IT service management market

Analysts predict that soon, half of all new IT service desk tools will be adopted as cloud-based services. While shifting to an on-demand model can be a complex decision, requiring organizations to assess carefully the potential impact on their business operations, a growing number of companies are clearly finding the move worthwhile. This paper explores the reasons for the rapid growth of cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) solutions and the benefits they offer for enterprises.
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Market Overview: SaaS IT Service Management Tools

The availability of SaaS ITSM tools offers new options for IT infrastructure & operations teams - but this new type of solution isn't a panacea. You'll still need to base your decision on the needs of your customers and your organization, and ask focused questions about areas such as ease of upgrade and total cost of ownership. To realize the full potential of SaaS to deliver technology services better, faster, and cheaper, you may also have to make new investments in people and process. This Forrester Research-market overview provides guidance to help you remain grounded and well-informed when considering the potential of SaaS for ITSM. Overviews of 21 SaaS ITSM vendors and 23 tools classified by target markets help you understand the available options.
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Master the Service Catalog Solution Landscape In 2013

Successful IT organizations today go beyond just keeping the lights on - they partner with the business to achieve broader goals. To fulfill this more strategic role, IT must shift their focus from technology implementation to the support, delivery, and operations of services to address specific business needs. A well-defined, business-centric service catalog can serve as the lynchpin of this approach, providing a strategic control point for the business to enable visibility, agility, and control. To date, though, few service catalogs have evolved beyond simple descriptions of IT capabilities and services. This report by Forrester Research, Inc. examines the crucial role of the service catalog for enabling business success, and how IT leaders can best realize its benefits.
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IBM NeXtScale System

Joe Clabby reviews the functionality and benefits of the new IBM NeXtScale System. The arrival of ultra-dense, hyper-scale designs such as IBM's NeXtScale System (NeXtScale) is changing system design dynamics in the HPC marketplace. NeXtScale is based on standard components (such as standard racks, networking, and memory). These servers can be serviced from the front. They are pretest-ed for reliability and are optimized for performance and efficiency. They are tuned to reduce energy waste. They can be pre-configured and pre-programmed to speed deployment and time to value.
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Analysis Tool TCO

The IBM Pureflex System TCO Analysis Tool was developed independently by leading ROI developer Alinean, Inc. This Analysis tool compares the total cost of ownership for the IBM PureFlex Solution versus a traditional dedicated or virtualized IT infrastructure by collecting information about the current computing needs and then projects the TCO for the two alternatives.
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IT Informatik Case Study

IT Informatik chose a full virtualization strategy, based on IBM® PowerLinux™ servers with IBM PowerVM® virtualization and Live Partition Mobility, to manage its SAP hosting services. The new solution slashes IT operational costs by more than 50 percent and enables IT-Informatik to set up new customer environments 80 percent faster.
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IBM Power VM Virtualization Technology on IBM Power7 Systems

This technical white paper presents benchmark results showing greater VM consolidation ratios than demonstrated in previous benchmarks and demonstrating the extent of the performance lead that PowerVM virtualization technologies deliver over x86-based add-on virtualization products. The tests, running two workload benchmarks of different consolidation ratios on POWER7 processor-based and comparable Intel-based systems, demonstrate the exceptional performance and scalability of PowerVM virtualization technologies compared to VMware vSphere1 on an x86-based platform.
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Systems Management 2.0: How to Gain Control of Your Unruly & Distributed Networks

You'd think that your networks are impossible to manage...But, we've seen worse. This year has brought many advances in technology, however these new benefits have also created a plethora of challenges for you as the IT professional. Join Jim Frey, Vice President of Research Network Management for analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and discover:

- The diversity and complexity in IT: The big picture

- Cross-team collaboration and the drive to service orientation in IT operations

- Integration and convergence across management tools, technologies, and practices

- Unifying infrastructure management: Objectives and requirements for success

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