Integrated Computing Platforms: Infrastructure Builds for Tomorrow’s Data Center

Prior to server virtualization, IT landscapes were plagued by server sprawl and underutilized capacity, which were brought on by data growth and the one-application, one-server requirement. In order to meet growing capacity demands, organizations added servers until that demand began to outstrip the ability to achieve economies of scale. Server virtualization provided a consolidation and cost-containment solution by fundamentally parsing hardware and software and dynamically allocating resources throughout the environment. Initially driven by its ability to deliver on these core use cases, server virtualization continues to guide IT and business strategy.
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Virtualized Security is Different

In this short paper, we will look at six dos and don'ts for security in virtualized Data Centers. These best practices can help enterprises and service providers come to grips with the security challenges that apply to virtualized environments.
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Why Device Fingerprinting Provides Better Network Security than IP Blocking

Unfortunately, most network security products rely on the equivalent of drivers' licenses: IP addresses associated with known attacks and spam. But there is a better way. In this short paper we will examine:
- Why IP reputation-based blocking doesn't catch smart cyber-criminals
- How device fingerprinting changes the economics of hacking
- How device fingerprinting works
- How global intelligence service based upon device fingerprinting can enhance your
network security infrastructure.
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Data Center Web Apps need more than IP-Based Defenses and Next-Generation Firewalls.

Web apps have become the target of choice for cyber-criminals, "hacktivists" and government-sponsored hackers who have learned to evade conventional data center defenses by targeting application-level vulnerabilities. Read this whitepaper to further educate on two new technologies "Intrusion Deception" and "Application-level DDos Protection" which will ultimately misdirect and mislead attackers and deliver a fully automated DDoS protection system for websites and Web applications.
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Webinar-BIRT Makes the Impossible Possible

Every day developers are tasked with creating impossible applications with complicated requirements and expected to deliver results in a short amount of time.

Join us to understand why BIRT should be an integral part of your data visualization development environment. We will show you how to build "cool" content quickly so you can free up cycles to meet all of your application's requirements for presenting structured and unstructured data over the web and delivering scalable rich data visualizations.

View this web seminar to learn how to:
-Easily incorporate world-class web-centric analytic content into applications without the need for time-consuming custom code
-Use a drag-and-drop visual design environment to create information-driven content based on a wide variety of sources, including your application, live feeds and legacy data
-Collaborate with the BIRT community's 2.5 million developers

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Analyst Paper-Howard Dresner’s 4th annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study

Take a look at Howard Dresner's 4th annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence market study with in-depth market analysis, 80 charts and tables and 23 vendor rankings. Howard Dresner spent 13 years at Gartner Research, where he was responsible for the BI Magic Quadrants and conferences.

The Wisdom of the Crowds study is unique in that the findings are completely crowd-sourced from actual BI users, implementers and purchasers. This year's study shows that SaaS/Cloud, Dashboards, and Mobile Device Support have increased significantly in terms of importance. Read on to find out where BI is headed!

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Preparing your network for the mobile onslaught

Building a mobile collaboration or bring-your-own-device solution requires three things: mobile applications, the mobile devices themselves and the network that underpins them both. Often, the network and its capabilities take a back seat to applications and devices - which can ultimately lead to poor performance or an inflexible infrastructure. Find out how to develop the type of network that truly supports mobile devices, applications and unified communications programs, thereby establishing the foundation for stronger mobile solutions.
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Developing more effective mobile enterprise programs

This paper outlines practical "how-to" guidance to strategize and implement more effective mobile enterprise programs and details the robust capabilities that mobile enterprise partners can bring to the development and support of your corporate owned device or BYOD mobile enterprise programs. It focuses on mobile enterprise programs for employees, as opposed to customers.
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Top ten criteria for selecting a managed services provider

When you're faced with growing expectations to create business value with limited resources, where can you turn? Increasingly, IT organizations are looking to trusted IT service providers like IBM to help reduce cost, manage complexity, maintain leading-edge skills and adopt technology innovation. Read the white paper to find out how managed services and cloud computing can help you deliver on the transformation agenda your business requires. Plus get guidance on the top 10 criteria to consider when selecting an external partner.
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Managing Data in Today’s Information Overloaded World

Increasingly demanding IT requirements are necessitating change to the data center network. The amount of data that is being collected is increasing and changing, organizations are finding new ways to analyze, evaluate, and use the information that they collect. Hardware trends are making it cost effective to capture new information sources and to automate data management. In the hardware arena especially, falling prices and increasing capacity for memory devices are reshaping the storage industry. Solid-state drives, large amounts of RAM, and new I/O technologies influence raw system performance. Read this paper to learn how system virtualization can improve the utilization of hardware, software, net-working and storage resources.
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Could your data center network do a better job supporting new technologies?

Increasingly demanding IT requirements are necessitating change to the data center network (DCN). Like servers and storage, the network needs to evolve to deliver the flexibility and scalability required by a more virtualized IT environment. In this interview, Michele Girola, IBM network integration services product manager, explains how to enhance your DCN to support evolving technologies today and in the future.
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Tracked, Hacked and Attacked

A new research study, based on real world production data from 79,360 customer sites, "Comparing Virtualization Alternatives - What's best for your business?" is now available. The paper reviews quantitative business differentiators between x86, Unix, and System z virtualization technologies.
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