Enterprise Lifecycle Management in a Changing World: Best Practices for Resolving Emerging Challenges in Desktop and Server Management

Information technology (IT) advances and evolving enterprise requirements are changing the businesses utilization of computing resources. Lifecycle management processes needs to evolve as well to meet rising adoption of business-critical IT requirements. In order to face these emerging challenges, organizations must be armed with processes and automation solutions that will deliver the agility and extensibility to maintain performance and reliability without sacrificing cost-effectiveness in IT investments.
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Desktop Virtualization: First Standardization – Then Virtualization

The advantages of desktop virtualization are obvious. The required standardized IT environment can be more easily maintained, more flexibly provided, and more effectively secured. Contrary to widespread opinion, the costs of a HVD infrastructure are not lower than those of a fat-client landscape. This white paper discusses how desktop virtualization impacts hardware costs, licensing costs, and operating costs, and demonstrates how consistent desktop management can be used to improve processes and save money - both in the case of fat clients and virtualized desktops.
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Armed and Extremely Dangerous: The Service Catalogue is More Than Just a Tool

Despite the well-used phrase "a fool with a tool is still a fool" there are still many service catalogue initiatives that start and end with the selection of technology. These initiatives are doomed for failure. Armed with technology alone will be extremely dangerous to the success of your service catalogue. This paper discusses how to implement a successful service catalogue with technology selection a crucial component but one of many critical success factors.
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A Single Pane of Glass for Client Computing: How FrontRange DSM helps IT take back control

Organizations are changing the way they deliver and manage client computing capabilities. The diversification of computing needs across multiple platforms and devices—and the corresponding growth of network complexity - has necessitated the use of IT management solutions in businesses of all sizes. This paper will show how, with help from FrontRange DSM, businesses can better manage their digital infrastructure as they enter the new era of client computing.
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10 Steps to Successfully Implement ITIL in Your Business

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most critical elements within any business, demanding a practical approach to service management. This practical approach is found in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a process-based, best practices framework developed for IT service management. This white paper will address the details of ITIL, the associated benefits of this platform and the 10 steps to a successful ITIL implementation.
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Shine a Light Inside the Black Box

As anyone with experience in outsourcing will tell you, no offshore software development program with multiple concurrent projects and over 150 developers in several countries can possibly realize projected cost savings and stay on schedule. That is, unless it is running Scrum. Discover how Agile practices of Scrum, coupled with smart metrics and common sense, force unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency on outsourced projects, giving buyers a powerful toolkit for managing suppliers and dramatically improving ROI from offshoring.
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F5 Security Forum 2012

F5 is coming to your area to talk about what our customers are doing around security. Attend the F5 Security Forum 2012 for an in-depth discussion on how adaptive security services can protect your enterprise. Join us to learn how you can bring together network, application, data, and user-access under a single security strategy that moves IT forward. Register today!
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Advanced Persistent Threat: Is Your Organization Protected?

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are among the most hotly debated topics in IT security. Are APTs a legitimate threat? How are IT managers and executives preparing for the risk of APTs? Or are they ignoring them? Learn what your IT professional peers think about APTs and how they are working to reduce the risks these new kinds of attacks pose.
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Achieve Business Agility Alongside Cost Savings with Innovative Server-Class Storage Technologies

It’s no secret that the volume of data generated by today’s business organizations is escalating dramatically as time passes. With an eye on business agility and continuity, this webcast shines a light on how innovative storage technologies like Iomega’s StorCenter px Server-Class Series of network storage solutions can help IT managers maximize operational efficiencies, enable seamless scalability, ensure reliable and secure backup and access to data, and keep costs under control.
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EMC VNXe3150: Winning Storage Simplicity

Enterprises do not have to be huge to experience the pain of unbridled information growth and the impact of server virtualization on storage requirements. As a result, many businesses are turning to shared storage in the form of unified storage to meet their storage needs.
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Gartner: The Electronic Signature Market Is Poised to Take Off

Growth in the e-signature market is becoming viral, and there are significant benefits to adoption for organizations that plan ahead. Gartner analyst, Gregg Kreizman writes about how the electronic signature market is growing and how your organization can prepare for the take off. In this whitepaper, learn about: 1. E-signature benefits and impacts to your organization 2. Recommendations and strategic plan assumptions with e-signatures 3. Why Gartner inquiries on the topic of electronic signatures has doubled in the last two years Learn why “enterprises' and consumers' recognition of the benefits gained from adopting e-signature software and services has led to 48% growth in this market in 2011.”
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Forrester Research Reports Customers are Driving E-Signature Adoption

Read Forrester's Research about how the connection between e-signature technology and improved customer experience is driving e-signature adoption.

In this whitepaper, learn about:
1. Why more customers want e-signatures
2. The changes in technology that increase the speed of processing transactions
3. How to save money by going paperless

You will gain insight on why tech- and web-savvy customers are influencing businesses to adopt e-signatures for a better customer experience.
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Your Cast of Characters: Team Building in the Support Centre

A support team should be more than the sum of its parts. But how do you build a cohesive team out of contrasting (and sometimes conflicting) personalities? View this SupportIndustry.com short white paper to understand the impact of personality on team building and how to leverage individual strengths to create a cohesive support team. Download the white paper to learn: Four key personality types and their traits, Why good people don't automatically make good teams, Three strategies for harnessing the diversity of your team, and more.
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