DNS that moves your business

NS1 is the leader in next generation DNS solutions that orchestrate the delivery of the world’s most critical internet and enterprise applications. NS1’s purpose-built platform transforms DNS into an intelligent, efficient, and automated system in your stack, driving dramatic gains in reliability, resiliency, security, and performance of your application delivery infrastructure. Download our whitepaper to learn how to deploy a powerful, security-minded DNS your way.
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Powerful Business Desktops and All-in-Ones

Looking for the best-fit desktop devices can be a challenge. When considering the right solutions for the job, IT leaders look to balance the end user needs, security features, form factor, manageability, performance, and innovation. Download this quick 2-page series guide for more information on Dell™ OptiPlex™ family of commercial class desktops and how they are tailored to your workforce needs.

Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.

Intel, the Intel Logo, Intel Inside, Intel Core, and Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries

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Breakthrough Technology Interactive eGuide

The workplace is changing and the one-size-fits-all approach to technology is changing along with it. As a result, your organization may need to rethink how to keep productivity high, promote collaboration, delight employees with the latest devices all while keeping IT within budget. This interactive eGuide will be your one-stop resource to understand all the new innovation available in Dell’s latest notebooks, desktops, 2-in-1s and ecosystem powered by Intel® Core™ processors that can keep your organization future-ready.

Access the eGuide from Dell and Intel® and you will learn:

  • How the workplace and workforce is changing
  • What tools and solutions help IT go from maintenance to innovation
  • How innovation is changing notebooks, 2-in-1s, desktops and workstations
  • The latest Windows 10 features employees will be talking about
  • What you need to keep endpoints and data secure

Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.

Intel, the Intel Logo, Intel Inside, Intel Core, and Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries

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Open Innovation Labs Datasheet

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is an immersive teaming residency that arms customers with the skills, tools, and processes to deliver better software, more quickly, to meet the demands of today’s market. Whether it’s co-creating a disruptive product, accelerating cultural transformation in the enterprise, or discovering what’s possible with a suite of proven and open tools and methods-Open Innovation Labs is designed to jump-start organizations’ most innovative ideas. Learn more.

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Automation App Delivery Datasheet

To successfully streamline and automate application delivery, businesses need effective technology and an effective framework. Red Hat® Consulting partners with enterprise organizations to create a strategic approach to app delivery and provide guidance on making operations more repeatable, predictable, and scalable. Using Red Hat Ansible Automation, Red Hat subject matter experts help businesses automate and streamline complicated workflows by speeding processes and eliminating human error. After establishing this foundation, Red Hat consultants show your teams how to manage workflows across multiple infrastructures to help you focus on delivering value to their business.

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Red Hat Open Innovation Labs EBook

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is an immersive residency for modernizing application development. Developing applications can take years and cost millions, and security, compliance, and privacy requirements stall progress. IT teams are innovating faster and improving quality with DevOps. The approach is to make large-scale changes iteratively, instead of all at once-adjusting direction as you go. Learn how in this ebook about Red Hat Open Innovation Labs.

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7 Areas to Consider Before Selecting a Service Desk

With so many software tools on the market, you must account all variables that come with approaching an ITSM tool vendor in order to achieve the best ROI. This guide outlines the 7 most common things to consider when selecting an IT Service Desk. Read now!

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5 Ways to Improve IT Service Desk For Better End User Experience

It isn't a secret - end users and customers are demanding increased efficiency and better service, putting IT service desk staff under constant pressure to provide the best level of support. Thankfully, there are new and improved technologies that make it easier for service desk employees to meet and exceed service level agreements in the modern enterprise.

Read the eBook, 5 Ways to Improve the IT Service Desk for Better End User Experience, written by ITSM expert Stephen Mann, as he focuses on ways to improve your end user's experience with IT Service Desk improvements.

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5 Ways to Improve IT Service Delivery While Reducing Cost

Keeping costs low is a top priority for many organizations that implement IT Service Management best practices. Many organizations struggle to successfully find the balance of delivering services while staying within budget. Noted ITSM expert and author Stephen Mann shares his insights on how to improve service delivery and increase ROI in this eBook.

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Fight the Phishing Epidemic and Win-The 5 Biggest Challenges and How to Attack Back

Phishing is one of the most devastating threats hitting organizations every day. And it's the most dangerous and costly cyber threat across the globe. A single successful phishing attempt against your employees provides the foothold cyber criminals need to access your corporate network.

A joint study between Google and UC Berkeley looked at the various ways accounts are compromised. The result: phishing attacks were identified as the greatest risk to users.

This guide details the top five challenges organizations face in fighting phishing threats and how a new approach can finally solve your biggest corporate inbox risk.

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Forrester Report: 2018 Customer Service Trends: How Operations Become Faster, Cheaper – And Yet, More Human

Ease, effectiveness, and emotion drive great customer service, but top line growth requires professionals to keep an eye out on trends for truly determining improvements in quality of service. Download this report to learn 10 customer service trends Forrester Research has identified for 2018.

Discover which investments are critical and the advantages of:

  • Focusing on context and inquiry type to deliver the best customer experience
  • Using automation and AI to uncover new revenue streams and transform operations
  • Exploring new labor models to maximize human connections in a digital world

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Ransomware is Increasing the Risks & Impact to Organizations

"Cybercriminals constantly engage organizations in a game of leapfrog: system defenses improve, so malware searches for new holes. Recently, ransomware, which has been around since 1989, has been gaining momentum.

Download this Mimecast sponsored report to learn about this growing threat, its impact to organizations and the ways to help thwart an attack."

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Don’t Overlook Your Email Archiving Systems

"Today, business users need on-the-go access to all their critical data, which includes emails, documents and attachments. For IT administrators, striking the balance between productivity for users and compliance needs for the organization is necessary.

A September 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting shows 92% of business users believe easily finding emails and related documents using search functions is important or critical to the ability to do their job.

Download the study to discover more of Forrester Consulting’s important findings on the email archiving needs of modern business users—and how you can meet them."

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5 Cyberthreats IT Healthcare Pros Must Tackle

Regulatory fines for violations of HIPAA in the US, DPA in the UK and GDPR can cost organizations millions of dollars. And providers can’t afford the costs of cyber security incidents which can range from prolonged downtime, not being able to care for patients, to paying a ransom to unencrypt important data.

Learn the biggest threats to your organization and how to improve protection against:

  • Ransomware such as WannaCry
  • Malicious URLs that entice users to click
  • Bad Attachments that can infect your network
  • Business email compromise that siphons information or cash from your organization
  • Internal employees and the potential for malicious intent or careless mistakes
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Cyber Resilience eBook


Navigating a turbulent cybersecurity climate can be hard – especially as threats like Petya and WannaCry continue to cripple organizations. Business disruption, downtime, technical failure and data loss are all real risk factors that can’t be ignored.

The power of preparedness is in your hands. It’s time to start thinking holistically about safeguarding against email-borne threats and mitigating risk – it’s time to implement a cyber resilience strategy.

Get expert insight, tips and guidance from industry thought leaders on how to build a cyber resilience plan for email in this e-book.

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