Big Data Analytics and Data Science: Is Your Organization Ready for the Deluge?

The growth in the amount of data – from social media, streamed video, and unstructured documents – is a boon for storage vendors. But this assault is just beginning – IDC predicts that by 2020 there will be 20 billion new internet of things (IoT) devices globally, each sending data to be gathered, stored and analyzed.

But why move data into a monolithic lake when you can process it where it’s created?

In an age where everyone makes data-driven decisions, what should you be doing now to prepare for the analytics and data science demands your users will make?

That’s what we’re talking about today with Syed Mahmood, Director of Product Management for Data Science at Hortonworks.

  • Which data sources matter most – today and in the future
  • How to survive the expected shortage of data scientists
  • Why bringing analytics and models ‘to the edge’ enhances efficiency
  • How to reconcile data scientists’ growing need for self-service with governance mandates
  • What data governance and security impacts the data deluge will create

Bio: Vinay Shukla is the Director of Product Management for Data Science, Spark & Zeppelin at Hortonworks. Previously, Vinay has worked as Developer and Security Architect. Vinay has been a frequent speaker at many conferences including Hadoop Summit, Strata Hadoop, Apache Big Data, JavaOne, and Oracle World. Vinay enjoys being on a Yoga mat or on a hiking trail. You can follow his blog at

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Digital Transformation and Data Management: What Developers and IT Need to Know

Businesses of every size are challenged by the demand for ‘digital transformation’. As business units increasingly expect a consumer-like experience from internal IT, integrating on-premises infrastructure with agile cloud environments presents serious data management challenges. DX is a process, not a single project, and that’s where many challenges lie. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today, with me is Piet Loubser, VP Product and Solutions Marketing at Hortonworks.

  • How to manage multi-cloud environments
  • The need for enterprise-wide commitment
  • Mobility and digital transformation
  • Transforming products, processes and the customer experience
  • Digital transformation for the Dev Team: Cloud, DevOps and the agile data environment

Bio: Piet Loubser serves as Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing at Hortonworks where he is responsible for the positioning and GTM of the entire Hortonworks product and solution portfolio. His professional career includes more than 30 years in the Hi-Tech industry driving product, market and business development strategies in numerous companies transforming technology vision and GTM to accelerate growth. Prior to Hortonworks, Piet held executive leadership positions in marketing and sales at Informatica, HP, SAP and Business Objects. During his time at Business Objects and Informatica he was part of the leadership team that drove the strategies to grow and scale the companies growing from mid-size into market leaders with more a $1bn in annual revenues. Piet holds a B.S. degree in computer science and applied mathematics from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

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Unlocking the Power of Analytics with an Always-on Data Lake

Digital transformation is impacting the world of business, both in terms of the technology available for the transformation and how that technology is leveraged to deliver business outcomes. As more companies look to analytics and data science for effective decision making, a new generation of integrated, web-scale, highly durable, resilient, and secure storage is needed to support their digital transformation journey.

  • Businesses are using data from both internal and external sources to drive digital transformation.
  • Leveraging cloud-based analytics for effective decision making is one of the highest priorities for business today
  • Cloud-based object storage can provide a persistent data store for analytics, delivering scale, flexibility, and cost savings beyond traditional database and file systems

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Why You Should Look at the IBM Cloud for Archival Solutions

Organizations of all sizes continue to experience operational, economic, management, and technical struggles in how they are delivering IT services, often motivating them to embark on digital transformation journeys. For many organizations taking such journeys, the cloud is a big part of the answer. Cloud-based storage can provide a compelling alternative to on-premises archival-class storage and enable levels of agility not previously achievable.

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Ovum Analyst Report: Security in the Cloud

“All clouds are not created equal.” This is one of the first statements made by Ovum, a market-leading analyst, in its report on the security, privacy, and compliance capabilities of Microsoft Office 365. In this report you will learn about:
  • Senior leadership’s concerns related to governance, risk, and compliance for cloud services.
  • Guidance for how to think about these things with cloud services
  • How Office 365 addresses these concerns.
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Office 365 Users: The Ultimate Danger to Your Company’s Security

Office 365 protection features are optional add-ons starting at $3 per user/month. Most SMBs cannot afford the high costs for these features. With a single data protection solution that can back up computers, mobile devices, databases, emails and applications, including Office 365, a company can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

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15 Tricks to Succeed in Managing Multiple Office 365 Tenants

A recent survey revealed that it takes a minimum of 13 hours per month to administer an Office 365 tenant with 1 to 50 accounts. If you are a service provider managing more seats than that, the time you spend doing these tasks can quickly get out of hand. Luckily, with a reliable set of procedures, you can make these tasks very easy. To help you out, we have gathered 15 tricks from successful partners who have collectively managed thousands of Office 365 tenants, without any stress.

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The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation Software, Q3 2017

Today, low-code, user-friendly, AI-based automation is taking the place of traditional BPMs. In this in-depth analysis, Forrester takes a look at what the top companies are doing to stay ahead of the curve, and how each vendor stacks up against the other. If you’ve been considering a workflow and content automation tool such as Nintex, the report is worth a look.

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Cost Optimization with Amazon Web Services

How do you minimize costs within Amazon Web Services (AWS) while assuring performance?

Customers are facing incredible pressure to modernize and transform their IT to become a digital business; cloud is central to this transformation. Figuring out what workloads go on-premises, what goes in cloud, and how to manage the transition is challenging – and mistakes are costly. This is exacerbated even further once customers get to the cloud and need to manage the complexity.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • The Challenge of Hybrid Cloud
  • The Turbonomic Hybrid Cloud Management Platform
  • Optimizing AWS Architecture: Migrate to cloud; Lower Costs; Assure Performance; Enforce Policies
  • How to Deploy Turbonomic for AWS Environments
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The Path to Hybrid Cloud: Intelligent Bursting to AWS and Azure

How do you manage effective implementation in the hybrid cloud?

The hybrid cloud has been heralded as a promising IT operational model enabling enterprises to maintain security and control over the infrastructure on which their applications run. At the same time, it promises to maximize ROI from their local data center and leverage public cloud infrastructure for an occasional demand spike.

Public Clouds are relatively new in the IT landscape and their adoption has accelerated over the last few years with multiple vendors now offering solutions as well as improved on-ramps for workloads to ease the adoption of hybrid cloud model. With these advances and the ability to choose between a local data center and multiple public cloud offerings, one fundamental question must still be answered: What, When and Where do you run workloads to guarantee performance while maximizing the efficiency.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • A brief history of hybrid cloud
  • The different public cloud offerings on the market
  • Why public cloud adoption is skyrocketing
  • The challenges that come with adopting public cloud
  • The “what, when and where” to run your workloads
  • How Turbonomic’s solution can help accelerate cloud adoption with Autonomic IT
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Cloud Identity Connect – IBM Cloud Identity Portfolio Solutions

The next generation of digital transformation to unleash business growth is being fueled by the cloud enterprise. Employees demand the same experience at work that they enjoy as consumers including seamless access to the latest tools in the market. This puts pressure on IT to deliver on these expectations while controlling risk and maintaining security controls. IBM Cloud Identity Connect is a new Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering which provides your users with rapid and secure access to thousands of popular cloud applications while enabling single sign-on (SSO) to all their applications, whether they are in the cloud or on premise. You can extend the IT investment you’ve already made in on premise security infrastructure without slowing your business users and their need for speed.

Attendees in this live webinar by IBM to learn how Cloud Identity Connect:

  • Speeds business agility to adopt cloud applications
  • Secures user productivity with SSO from any device, and
  • Enables greater IT efficiency by extending existing infrastructure

SME Bio: Sean Brown, Principle Offering Manager IBM Cloud Identity at IBM.

As Principle Offering Manager with IBM, I am responsible for all aspects involving bringing new and market leading Identity solutions into the IBM Cloud Security portfolio. I am responsible for overseeing the development, marketing, sales and fulfillment of all my offerings, as well as research into new offerings not yet released. I have numerous posting across the web. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, disc golfing, Geocaching and traveling. I have worked in the collaboration and security industry since 2005, starting with IBM's acquisition of Internet Security Systems. Previous to working with IBM ISS, I was the IT Manager for another IBM acquisition going back to 2002.

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