Cloud ERP : A Critical Investment for Consulting Firms

In response to client demands, consultancy firms are expected to deliver more, faster, better and cheaper. Having the right technology in place is crucial and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are providing the framework that enables consulting firms to remain competitive in a changing market.

This report, authored by IT Europa and Deltek, gives insight into why Cloud ERP is a crucial investment for consulting firms, enabling them to keep up with market changes, meet client demands and achieve greater profitability. Cloud ERP is not just a deployed IT infrastructure but an integral part of a business strategy, in fact Gartner research has stated that by 2020 ‘cloud shift’ will affect more than $1 Trillion in IT spending.

Read this report to learn:

  • Why consulting firms must move to industry specific cloud ERP if they are to keep up with industry and client expectations
  • The short and long term benefits of implementing cloud ERP and how it can contribute to project success
  • What makes Deltek’s cloud ERP the perfect solution for professional service firms.
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    Office 365 Sales Guide

    Put yourself in the client's shoes. Why would he buy an Office 365 plan from you if he can just as easily buy it from someone else, or directly from Microsoft? If you want to make more money selling Office 365, you have to add real value to your portfolio. This guide will help you identify Office 365 selling opportunities, position the right product benefits to overcome the client’s top pain points and address security and compliance concerns with Office 365.

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    How to Build a Microsoft Teams Chatbot

    Microsoft Teams is one of the latest additions to the Office 365 suite. And many organizations have already jumped at the chance to integrate Microsoft’s newest platform into their overall collaboration strategy. One of the useful features built directly into Microsoft Teams is the ability to create and embed a bot that can interact with users naturally through a chat or command-line interface, broadening your Teams app experience. Learn how it works and how to set it up through this ebook.

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    Microsoft 365: The Ultimate Reseller’s Guide to Features & Benefits

    You must have heard about it by now. But what exactly is Microsoft 365 Business? It's the latest unified solution launched by Microsoft. It includes the best features from some of their most popular products, and promises its users total control of their environment. With this free guide you'll soon have a clearer understanding of why Microsoft 365 is a great addition to your portfolio, in terms of profit and future growth.

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    Gartner Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide

    Get Gartner’s Complete Analysis of Each Contact Center Vendor

    The 2017 Magic Quadrant provides Gartner’s annual analysis of the contact center infrastructure vendors. The report examines the innovations driving the market and compares vendors based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

    Get the complimentary report now to:

    • Compare contact center vendors and see which quadrant they are aligned to
    • Review the latest market outlook including on premise and cloud deployment choices
    • Learn what critical capabilities to consider when evaluating solutions and legacy system replacement

    For the ninth year, we are honored to be positioned as a leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide. Gartner placed Genesys highest amongst all vendors in ability to execute and completeness of vision. We believe this unique position validates our mission to power the world’s best customer engagement solutions for organizations of all sizes, both in the cloud and on premise.

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    Frost & Sullivan: Customer Engagement is Ripe for Change

    Is Your IT Team Ready to Enable Digital Transformation?

    Customers want fast access to information and immediate problem resolution on any device, from any location, at any time. It’s up to IT to build the foundation for this digital transformation that is increasingly becoming more cloud-based.

    An omnichannel contact center platform gives you a single, integrated view of the entire customer journey. And as a cloud-based solution, IT has the flexibility to deploy advanced features fast and cost-efficiently.

    Read this white paper from Frost & Sullivan for a pragmatic approach to:

    • Identify process changes and goals with lines of business
    • Benchmark your current infrastructure and technology gaps
    • Consider cloud omnichannel solutions for easier deployments and simple scalability
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    Connecting the Lifecycle of Construction


    There is a myth that construction has been slow to adopt technology. The truth is that technology has been slow to provide solutions for AEC. But an open API approach to the industry has the power to change that.

    Download our free eBook, “Connecting the Lifecycle of Construction,” and learn how open APIs can:

    • Allow for a culture of greater productivity and faster innovation
    • Bring success across the AEC ecosystem (and specifically your business)
    • Eliminate issues like double entry, data silos, and rework
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    Construction Softwares Next Big Thing

    Construction Software's Next Big Thing: The Platform

    Download our free eBook to find out more about:

    • How APIs are expanding the current technology ecosystem
    • The challenges presented by unintegrated software solutions and how this affects organizations as a whole
    • How clients, field staff, and executives benefit from PaaS and APIs
    • Tips for choosing a platform solution to fit your needs
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    A New Frontier: Construction OS

    In the 1980s, paper was the dominant medium of exchanging information–project teams specifically, would have to physically hand over reports or drawings or send them in the mail.

    Technology advanced and we moved on to fax machines and, eventually, computers and the Internet where we could share information from our mobile devices and store data in the cloud.

    But technology is NOW advancing faster than ever and the construction industry is ready.


    Download our free eBook to find out exactly what an OS is, how it’s different than what you’ve been using, and how your business can use an OS to get ahead (by leaps and bounds) of the competition.

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    Construction Software Buyers Guide

    Choosing a construction software solution is an important decision. Not only is it a significant investment in terms of cost, time, and resources, the solution you choose will have an enormous impact on the daily activities of your construction teams. Therefore, it's vital to conduct the proper research and enter the process with the right information and questions in hand to help you select the best software for your teams.

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    How Much Are You Losing to Rework?

    Sources say it can be anywhere from nine to thirty percent of your profits. It may seem like these losses are an unavoidable and an accepted part of the building process, but they don't have to be...

    Download this eBook to learn about the top six mistakes that create rework and how to avoid them.

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    Future Tech Series Immersive Reality

    Whether you’re creating safer training scenarios, developing project blueprints, working out technical issues, or showing off a completed project, immersive technologies is poised to take construction to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

    Download this free eBook, and check out 9 of the hottest new virtual technologies the industry has to offer.

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    The 2018 State of Database DevOps – Survey on DevOps Adoption Rates

    This report contains the results of Redgate’s latest annual survey SQL Server database professionals, across a range of industries and company sizes.

    Over 700 organizations were asked whether they had adopted, or were planning to adopt, DevOps practices and how many of them had applied the same principles to their databases. The report looks at how things have developed over the last 12 months, and what key challenges and requirements are driving DevOps adoption in 2018.

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    5-Minute Guide to Natural Language Processing

    An Intelligent Search Interface Understands the User

    When you search on Google, or with Siri, or Alexa, you can be sure that the system knows that when you say “NJ” you mean “New Jersey.” But when you search for something in the enterprise -- on SharePoint, or in Salesforce, or even across multiple systems, if you can do that - does the system recognize the intent of your search?

    Is your enterprise search system smart enough to make a connection between “NJ” and “New Jersey”?

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) is about understanding the meaning behind the text, interpreting the user’s request, and matching the answer to the intent.

    Download the Five-Minute Guide to Natural Language Processing to learn how text analytics and NLP help cognitive search systems deliver intelligent answers that drive user adoption and improve productivity.

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