eBook: Engaging Your Entire Workforce

Traditional human capital management products focus on salaried employees. HCM strategies and tools should engage and retain the entire workforce.

The hourly workforce is growing. Hourly employees represent nearly 60 percent of the U.S. workforce and 80 percent of all new hires annually. But HCM solutions typically have been geared to salaried workers with regular schedules, not the vast range of hourly workers now in the workforce who deserve to fully participate in talent management initiatives, making them feel like valued members of the organization.

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IBM Cloud Identity – Infusing Identity Everywhere: On-premise, Mobile and Cloud

The next generation of digital transformation to unleash business growth is being fueled by the cloud enterprise. Employees demand the same experience at work that they enjoy as consumers including seamless access to the latest tools in the market. This puts pressure on IT to deliver on these expectations while controlling risk and maintaining security controls. IBM Cloud Identity Connect is a new Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering which provides your users with rapid and secure access to thousands of popular cloud applications while enabling single sign-on (SSO) to all their applications, whether they are in the cloud or on premise. You can extend the IT investment you’ve already made in on premise security infrastructure without slowing your business users and their need for speed.

Attendees in this live webinar by IBM to learn how Cloud Identity Connect:

  • Speeds business agility to adopt cloud applications
  • Secures user productivity with SSO from any device, and
  • Enables greater IT efficiency by extending existing infrastructure

SME Bio: Sean Brown, Principle Offering Manager IBM Cloud Identity at IBM.

As Principle Offering Manager with IBM, I am responsible for all aspects involving bringing new and market leading Identity solutions into the IBM Cloud Security portfolio. I am responsible for overseeing the development, marketing, sales and fulfillment of all my offerings, as well as research into new offerings not yet released. I have numerous posting across the web. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, disc golfing, Geocaching and traveling. I have worked in the collaboration and security industry since 2005, starting with IBM's acquisition of Internet Security Systems. Previous to working with IBM ISS, I was the IT Manager for another IBM acquisition going back to 2002.

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Why SD-WAN Is a Critical Component in the Future of Retail

The seismic effects of digital transformation are reshaping the retail world. Many retailers are starting to use technology to enhance the customer experience, which will be the defining characteristic of market winners in the years to come. But some, hamstrung by legacy WANs, are struggling to adapt their organizations to bandwidth-intensive applications that are the cornerstones of the digital world. They know they need to change, but to what? SD-WAN, which abstracts the network hardware and transport characteristics from the applications that use the network, is the modern approach many retailers are choosing to keep pace with digital transformation. Unlike traditional WANs, SD-WAN makes the network more agile and reduces cost. For organizations looking to compete and win in the brave new digital world download our free whitepaper to learn more.
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Modernizing with All-Flash

All enterprise applications can now benefit from the performance and latency advantages offered by All Flash. Higher SSD densities, lower costs, and improved data reduction technologies have made it possible for All Flash to cost-effectively support general workloads. Explore the changing economics of All Flash in this executive summary.

Intel Inside®. New Possibilities Outside.

Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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How Broad All-Flash Vendor Portfolios Help IT Customers

In the current 3rd Platform computing era, enterprises of all sizes are being asked to continue to support legacy applications while providing support for next-generation applications (NGAs) in mobile computing, social media, big data/analytics, and cloud environments. At the same time, most information technology (IT) organizations are consolidating around virtual infrastructure for both legacy and new applications. This has significantly changed the I/O profiles that storage infrastructure has to deal with, and it has become clear that for most primary storage workloads, and even now for some secondary workloads, hard disk drives (HDDs) no longer adequately meet requirements. As a result, we are seeing overall enterprise storage revenue shift away from HDD-based designs toward newer flash-based designs. Download this IDC-authored white paper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

Intel Inside®. New Possibilities Outside.

Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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Building the Business Case for Next-Generation HR Systems

With the pace of human resources technology solution development progressing quickly, HR leaders need to gain a solid understanding of the HR system options available. This tool is designed to help HR leaders build a business case for investing in next-generation HR systems to meet the growing HR demands of your organization. Demands include interfacing or integrating data, incorporating social and mobile technologies, and providing an employee experience that grows from the experience given to candidates.

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eBook: Best Practices in Human Capital Management

An engaged workforce is satisfied and productive. To make this a reality for your organization, you need a human capital strategy that can help you think strategically about managing, engaging, and retaining your entire workforce.

However, in many cases, the systems that manage human capital alienate rather than engage both employees and managers - making it challenging, for example, to easily access schedules or paystubs without having to call HR or do self-service assessments of career path options.

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The Employee Burnout Crisis

The results of a 2016 study on employee burnout conducted by Kronos and Future Workplace show that 95 percent of HR leaders agree that burnout affects employee retention. Although serious, the issue of burnout isn’t insurmountable if organizations are proactive in addressing its causes. The implementation of new workforce technology with flexible scheduling capabilities and workforce analytics can help stop burnout before it starts.

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Payroll: Your Employee Engagement Secret Weapon

The use of manual, outdated payroll processes can result in paycheck problems that weaken employee engagement and potentially cause them to quit. Smooth payroll operations support employee engagement initiatives and allow payroll staff to focus on higher-level business goals.

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The 2017 Guide to WAN Architecture & Design

The primary objective of a WAN is to enable business operations in a frictionless, cost-effective manner. This includes supporting the existing business models as well adopting new application architectures. Download our whitepaper to learn more about optimal WAN architecture and design.
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Has Your Business Switched to VoIP Yet?

The telephone has come a long way since the days of switchboard operators. In many cases, however, businesses are still using plain old telephone systems (POTS) without knowing that there is a better form of telecommunication that is being adopted at an increasing rate across businesses. That technology is VoIP.

In this Sourceforge white paper, you will learn:

  • What's in Your Phone System?
  • What is VoIP?
  • How Does VoIP Save a Business an Average of 30% or More?
  • How to Switch to VoIP

So if you are considering upgrading your phone system – or are motivated by saving money and adding enterprise level services to your business – let Sourceforge compare the top VoIP providers for you! Simply select that you want to receive a quote on the following page and one of our VoIP Specialists will get in contact with you to jot down a few details in order to provide you with the best, no-obligation quote from a provider.

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Webinar – Rock Your SOC (Security Operations Center) with Watson for Cyber Security

In today’s threat environment, given the sophistication and increase in cyber-attacks, security analysts must investigate and accurately identify threats on a daily basis to detect and stop threats in time before damage is caused. During an investigation, analysts need to pivot on multiple data sources such as threat feeds, security blogs, research articles, talking to peers and more. It can quickly become overwhelming when an analyst needs to investigate each incident in 20 minutes or less just to keep up with current alerts. Inaccuracies can creep in while they are simultaneously navigating and correlating information from multiple sources.

With the cognitive power of Watson for Cyber Security, analysts can now use QRadar Advisor with Watson to investigate incidents compiled by the QRadar security analytics platform and provide key insights to qualify and identify root cause of the incident.

Watch this webinar to see how a Tier 1 and Tier 2 SOC analyst uses QRadar Advisor with Watson to accurately identify and understand threats at speed and scale. See the complete lifecycle of an investigation in the SOC from when an offense is compiled by QRadarsecurity analytics platform to how you can use the results from the investigation from Watson to shutdown threats.

Carlos Aguilera, Global Security Solutions Architect
At IBM, Carlos helped create and shape the Manage SIEM service practice. In his current role as a Global Security Solutions Architect, he is responsible for communicating, shaping, and developing the services to best answer enterprise client needs. Carlos applies creative thinking and lessons learned through his tenure at IBM to offer solutions to complex problems for his clients. Recently Carlos devotes most of his time working on cognitive technologies such as QRadar Advisor Watson for Cyber Security or Havyn (cognitive security assistant).

Chris Hankins, CISSP, is the Offering Manager for Cognitive Security within the IBM Security Business Unit
Chris leads the IBM North America technical practice for cognitive security. Using his experience as a security analyst and architect, he leverages his expertise in cyber operations, forensics, threat intelligence, incident response and cognitive security to help organizations address strategic and operational initiatives within their security program, address sophisticated threats, and improve the overall risk posture of the business.

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