5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an SSO Solution

Learn about the essential features you should prioritize when evaluating a SSO solution. Read the eBook, “5 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Single Sign-On Solution.

This eBook examines Single Sign-On solution considerations for:

  • SSO for distributed architectural frameworks.
  • Secure access to Cloud, SaaS and on-premise applications.
  • End-to-end app visibility for monitoring and troubleshooting.

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The Top 4 Myths of Policy Compliance & How to Avoid Non-Compliance

You CAN achieve continuous compliance. We’ll show you how.

Compliance is already a huge challenge for hybrid enterprises. But what makes it even harder? There are four common myths that can lead you down the wrong path, wasting your valuable resources and limited time and budget.

Don’t fall for the common myths that lure you into non-compliance! The TRUTH is that:

  • Real-time visibility really is possible.
  • Compliance is about more than just rules and access control.
  • Compliance is relevant even when you aren’t prepping for an audit.
  • It is not always better to block than permit access.

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Firewall CleanUp Recommendations

Firewalls are core to defending your network. But complex modern networks—and the simple passing of time—tend to make your firewalls weaker.

Firewall rule bases accumulate outdated, redundant and shadowed rules. So, if it’s time to clean up your firewalls, FireMon can help. Check out our white paper, “Firewall Cleanup Recommendations.”

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Security Automation 101: Change Management and the Complexity Gap

Manual change processes create far too many opportunities for mistakes and misconfigurations. They also burden overworked staff who should be doing higher-value projects.

This eBook shows you how security automation takes the drudge work off your staff, enables faster responses to change requests, and improves visibility throughout your hybrid cloud, by:

  • Enabling orchestration across hybrid network environments.
  • Eliminating vulnerabilities and reducing the complexity gap.
  • Empowering DevOps and DevSecOps with security capabilities.

Don’t wait—download our eBook Security Automation 101: Change Management and the Complexity Gap today.

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KuppingerCole Report Leadership Compass Database and Big Data Security

This Leadership Compass from analyst firm KuppingerCole provides an overview of the market for database and big data security solutions along with guidance and recommendations for finding the sensitive data protection products that best meet client’s requirements.

The report examines a broad range of technologies, vendor product and service functionality, relative market shares, and innovative approaches to implementing consistent and comprehensive data protection across the enterprise.

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IBM Security Guardium Analyzer Data Sheet

As more and more data is created, new compliance requirements are added, and data privacy in general reaches new levels of influence in consumer purchasing decisions, how can technology leaders ensure they keep close tabs on this data and the associated security and compliance risk?

Learn how Guardium Analyzer helps users efficiently assess security and compliance risk associated with regulated data. It helps identify databases containing regulated data and then helps minimize risk using next-generation classification techniques and vulnerability scanning.

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Securing Cloud environments: Five Data Encryption best practices to help reduce your risk

From the perspectives of both data protection and regulatory compliance, it is just as critical to protect sensitive cloud-based data as it is on-premises data. One way to do this is through data encryption, yet many business’s encryption efforts are mired in fragmented approaches, siloed strategies for policy management and compliance reporting, and decentralized key management. These situations have all contributed to making encryption complicated and difficult to implement and manage.

This paper looks at 5 best practices for securing data in multi-cloud environments using the latest data encryption technologies.

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Overcome the challenges of protecting data that is here, there and everywhere

When it comes to cloud environments, whether in the public cloud or a privately hosted or hybrid environment, data security and protection controls must protect sensitive data—and support constantly growing government and industry compliance requirements. Read this ebook to learn how data security and protection technologies should operate in multiple environments (physical, cloud and hybrid) at the same time.

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Protecting the data of refugees and those who help them

To protect refugees, employees and supply transports—plus minimise costs—the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) wanted to standardise the management of Active Directory. After evaluating solution options, DRC deployed One Identity Active Roles. As a result, DRC established user templates and automated workflows for governing access for 7,000 global employees. Today, DRC can provision new users in an hour. IT staff have greater control over who can access which applications and data. And the organisation has increased staff efficiency, boosted savings and simplified regulatory compliance.

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The 12 Essential Tasks of Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) administration and management includes 12 major tasks. These tasks cover a wide breadth of business needs and are not all performed solely by AD DS administrators. In fact, administrators can and should delegate several tasks to other members of their technical community, technicians, help desk personnel, even users such as team managers and administrative assistants. While delegation is a way to reduce the amount of work administrators have to do when managing AD DS infrastructures, it really only addresses one or two of the 12 tasks, for example, user and group administration as well as end point device administration. The other ten tasks can be staggering in nature — security, networked service administration, OU-Specific Management, Group Policy Object management and many more — and because of this can take up inordinate amounts of time,

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The top five ways to relieve the pain of managing hybrid AD environments

Active Directory is everywhere and Azure Active Directory (AAD), its cloud-based cousin, is quickly gaining ground. Currently, nearly ninety percent of organizations worldwide are using Active Directory (AD) for on-premises resources (aka on-prem). That represents 500 million organizations and somewhere around 10 billion daily authentications. In fact, in the world of identity and access management (IAM), AD has become unavoidable and absolutely necessary for on-prem user authentication and authorization. You have to go through AD. It’s just how it’s done. Now, mix in the cloud – and Azure AD– and your management complexity just skyrocketed – and you could be in for a world of pain, if your on-prem or cloud identity environments are not managed and synced properly.

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Get IAM Right in SAPcentric organizations

SAP is critical to many organizations’ operations and success, and IAM is essential for EVERY organization’s success. You would think that it’s a compatible match, right? It turns out that navigating the relationship between the two sides can be tumultuous.

The identity and access management (IAM) team is on the front lines of security but are not SAP experts and do not know the intricacies of the popular enterprise software’s modules and their use. Then there’s the SAP teams, who support and enable business operations, as well as drive the user experience, who rarely claim to be experts in IAM. They know to not overstep their bounds when it comes to enterprise initiatives tied to IAM.

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The Journey To IAM Success

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is moving beyond IT security and compliance to become a valuable enabler that drives business performance, digital transformation and competitive advantage. But planning and deploying IAM is not without its challenges.

Read on to learn more...

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Strategies to ensure success for your governance project

When IT professionals talk about identity and access management (IAM), governance now dominates the conversation.

In years past when we talked about IAM, the hot topics were provisioning, single sign-on and role-based access control. But we must have gotten bored with those stale topics and needed something new to focus on.

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