5 Practical Tips for Implementing SD-WAN

While SD-WAN offers dramatic improvements in performance, reliability and ROI, adopting it can be a complex process.

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So Many Ways to WAN

One of the most critical components to the success of any growth-oriented enterprise is its wide area network (WAN), which is essential to delivering an exemplary customer and employee experience across all locations.

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Prepping for the Oncoming Wave of SD-WANS

For IT leadership, there are two important questions:

  1. How can SD-WANs help solve the performance issues of increasingly high-bandwidth applications without the typical costly infrastructure upgrades associated with traditional WANs?
  2. Can SD-WANs offer greater visibility into the network so IT can provide the seamless bandwidth needed in today’s demanding hybrid environment?

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Will Your Network Enable Your Business Transformation?

Cloud-based applications, mobile and virtualized workforces have created stress on enterprises that operate large private networks. Today's enterprise needs dynamic, low cost, reliable and secure links to the cloud. Which means traditional MPLS-based connectivity between locations, data centers and cloud providers no longer meets customer expectations

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Should you opt for a Cisco Enterprise Agreement to manage your software

Cisco is changing the way organizations procure and manage Cisco software through a new licensing model: the Cisco Enterprise Agreement (Cisco EA).

Choosing a Cisco EA provides simplicity, flexibility and cost savings. That's because it consolidates all your maintenance contracts and licenses in a single contract and offers license portability, upfront savings, on-demand deployment capabilities and more. You can also receive vouchers for services to optimize deployments and drive end-user adoption.

There are many benefits, so we've boiled it all down to give you the most important highlights.

What difference could a Cisco EA make to your business?

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Buyer’s Guide – Cisco Enterprise Agreements

You maybe aware that Cisco has introduced a new solution to manage license agreements: the Cisco Enterprise Agreement (Cisco EA).

This simple agreement model offers a number of benefits for procuring and managing your Cisco software suite (network,collaboration and security):

  • Get upfront savings and protected pricing for 3 to 5 years;
  • Consolidate all your maintenance contracts and licenses in a single contract;
  • Easily manage and deploy licenses through one simple portal;
  • Access free services to optimize deployments and enable adoption through Softchoice's Cisco Lifecycle Advisor program.

We have created a comprehensive a Buyer's Guide to provide more details on the advantages of a Cisco Enterprise Agreement.

Learn how the program works in 6 easy steps and get ready for the next level of Cisco licensing.

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Is A Cisco Enterprise Agreement Right For You?

Cisco licensing has earned a reputation for being complex and time consuming to manage.

As an IT professional, you need a predictable, straightforward and flexible way to procure and deploy the Cisco software that powers your business.

The new Cisco Enterprise Agreement (Cisco EA) promises to do just this. It provides a powerful way to simplify license management, save time and reduce costs. Plus, with access to value added benefits like vouchers for services and adoption support, you can increase the impact of your Cisco investments.

Learn about the difference a Cisco Enterprise Agreement can make through our new infographic.

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Best Practices for Implementing Security Awareness Training

Osterman Research developed this whitepaper to understand the current state of security awareness training through an in-depth survey of security professionals, and to offer advice about best practices that organizations should consider as they develop a robust training program for their employees.

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Mobile apps have open access to the device platform, network, and storage resources by default which could put enterprise data at risk. Citrix MDX containers protect apps and control their access to device resources through policy mitigating the risk of unwanted enterprise data loss.

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Micro VPN

Learn how Micro VPN seamlessly enables WorkSpace apps to securely access Enterprise Resources.

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Citrix Workspace App

Learn about Citrix Workspace app, which includes access to local apps, SaaS apps, web apps, virtual apps, virtual desktops and content.

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Executive Guide To Selecting A Cloud-Native Development Platform

When any organization starts planning for cloud-native applications, it is important to consider the entire time span: from selecting a development platform until an application is truly production-grade and ready for delivery in the cloud. It can be a long journey, with many decisions along the way that can help or hinder progress.

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