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Escape from the Cell: A Revolutionary Approach to Complex Spreadsheets

Since the advent of VisiCalc nearly 40 years ago, organizations have increasingly relied on spreadsheets for analysis, reporting, and other uses. As the need for decision speed and precision have escalated, however, business and analytic personnel alike have discovered that the lack of version control, large data sets, and cumbersome analytic tool integration now limit the usefulness of their spreadsheets. Many are looking for a way to supercharge their Excel capabilities. The question is how?

Read this fact sheet to learn how to evolve beyond what spreadsheets alone can achieve. FICO® Optimization Modeler is an advanced analytic platform that helps business experts solve their most challenging, mission-critical problems with powerful, fast and easy-to-use optimization tools. Its rich simulation, visualization and reporting capabilities immediately help transform business scenarios into compelling solutions, while allowing for easy import and export between third party analytic modeling tools and even your complex spreadsheets. Download now and learn more!

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Drive Data to Decision

In this eBook, we look at the rapidly evolving use of advanced analytics in defense intelligence. The concept of advanced analytics comes alive in a study of Operation Nighthawk, a multinational training exercise that tested the abilities of data analytic tools to support tactical operations.
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Case Studies In Advanced Network Threat Protection: Scale Your Network To Find What Hides Within

Join our conversation on how to leverage threat intelligence to protect against advanced threats. In our webinar Case Studies in Advanced Threat Network Protection, we will dive into how customers are using the latest research and insights backed by ATLAS threat intelligence to protect valuable IT assets.

We will discuss how a solution-based approach, leveraging Arbor Spectrum combined with NETSCOUT packet flow switches, allows you to aggregate and see everything within your network.
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Security Visibility: 10 Things to Ask Your Vendor

Know before you buy. Ask the right questions of your packet visibility vendor for security systems.

If your organization needs traffic aggregation or packet optimization to bolster visibility to security solutions, there are 10 key questions you should ask when evaluating a solution.

Review this checklist to ensure your security systems get the packets required, and only the ones needed, to get the most out of your investment.
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Advancing Security Maturity with Packet Visibility

Cybersecurity is a constant battle to stay ahead. The Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) outlines a process to move your security posture to the next level.

In our C2M2 Security White Paper, learn how to advance your security maturity with security visibility. We cover:
  • deployment case studies
  • enabling fail-safe active security
  • active inline security systems in series
Read about how to advance your cybersecurity maturity with security visibility, delivered by packet flow switching technology.
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