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3 Keys to Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics in Commercial Construction

The pandemic has seen to that in ways no outside force ever could. McKinsey, for example, reports senior business leaders have accelerated “digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions… by three to four years.” The executives also say their acquisition of digital or digitally-enabled products has leapfrogged seven years.

This may not be news to you. It’s likely your company has made its share of large and small digital bets. But the expanding flow of data raises some interesting questions:

  • How are you harnessing your database?
  • How could data analytics better support decision-making?
  • What steps can you take — right now — to advance your analytics?

This playbook examines the quickening pace of digital automation in the construction industry and the insights that transformation represents through real-time analytics.

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Construction’s Digital Transformation

Your competition is finding faster ways to capture data and get critical insights from the field into their existing systems. In short, they’re not going bigger, they’re getting smarter.

In this eBook on the construction industry’s digital transformation, find out why the trend is to modernize workflows – and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

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7 Steps to Quickly Move from Paper-Based to Digital

Can you really do more with less? Amid these unprecedented times, those who flourish will be the teams finding new ways to grow, despite the construction industry’s ongoing shortages and delays.

Modernizing operations is the first step to maximize growth and unlock productivity. Embracing software will streamline your core business processes, save you hours of time, centralize projects, and mitigate risks.

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