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Leverage Open-Source Benefits With The Assurance of Hitachi Vantara

To drive big data innovation, Hitachi Vantara offers two flavors of Pentaho : Pentaho Enterprise Edition, which is commercially supported, and Pentaho Community Edition, our contribution to the open source movement. Both offerings are built on the same core platform. However, there are major differences between the two, which impact how best to integrate Pentaho into your big data strategy, including features, packaging and support services.

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Six Keys to Maximizing Big Data Benefits and Project Success

Big data is about changing the status quo for established organizations and fueling the growth of new and disruptive businesses. Big data projects focus on enabling analysis of and interaction with new types and combinations of data at a far greater scale than has been possible with traditional enterprise business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing systems.

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Bundespolizei Advances Germany’s Public Safety

Bundespolizei is part of Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior and employs 41,000 citizens. Bundespolizei oversees air control, air safety, rail patrol, border patrol, crime reduction throughout Germany and patrol of their waters. In addition to their responsibilities within Germany, they work worldwide with other police agencies within the European Union and neighboring countries.

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IDC Technology Assessment Report – Hitachi Content Platform: End-to-End Portfolio for the 3rd Platform

According to a new IDC Technology Assessment report, Hitachi Content Platform: End-to-End Portfolio for the 3rd Platform, businesses are undergoing a fundamental transformation as they actively adopt and manage the four pillars of the 3rd Platform (social, mobile, cloud, and big data).

This 3rd platform of data is a critical concern of IT organizations that being urgently addressed. The data management explosion presents serious risks to the performance of legacy infrastructure, to the point of access disruption and data loss. That’s why IT organizations are reviewing object-based storage (OBS) solutions to lead a complete mobile storage transition and augment their current systems, including content delivery, sync and share, analytics, and backup.

Author: Amita Potnis, Research Manager, File and Object-based Storage Solutions


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