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Digital Validation: Achieving Modern Compliance for Modern Testing with Tricentis Vera™

Join us to see how modernizing compliance with Tricentis Vera™ to support digital validation for life sciences. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Tricentis Vera™ helps you meet business objectives while satisfying compliance requirements.
  • How shifting to digital validation supports quality, not documents.
  • How you can easily implement electronic signatures, automated review and approvals process, and technical controls across the development and testing toolchain.
  • Modernize software compliance in life sciences.
  • Enhance CSV lifecycle with digital validation.
  • Adopt compliance for Agile testing.

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Agile, Digital Validation: How to Modernize Software Testing for Life Sciences

Remain competitive and compliant when adopting a digital approach to validation. Uncover important industry trends life sciences organizations must address, such as:

  • Why a modernization strategy is needed in regulated software testing, and how adopting digital, data-driven approach with Tricentis Vera™ addresses this need in Computer System Validation today.
  • The industry trends influencing modernization in computer systems validation.
  • The advantages of adopting an Agile, digital approach to validation.
  • The limitation of document-based approaches for review and approval.
  • Modernize software testing for life sciences.
  • Why life science companies choose Vera™ to lower costs and increase efficiency.

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Best Practices for Computer Systems Validation in The Digital Age

Negotiate changes with computer systems validation best practices to get ahead of increasing demands around digital transformation. Learn valuable tips for negotiating changes with computer systems validation, such as:

  • Important steps to plan, develop, manage, and control your computer systems validation program.
  • List of best practices to help implement an effective, scalable software compliance program that supports digital transformation initiatives.
  • Minimize risks, reduce cost, and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Reduce the costs, risks, and complexities of compliance.
  • Plan an effective and efficient CSV program.
  • Key mistakes to avoid with computer systems validation.

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