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Whitepaper: Process Orchestration as the Pathway to Customer Experience Innovation

There is plenty of talk about the need to deliver a differentiating experience for both customers and employees. Enterprise leaders now understand the criticality of the experience in their bids to win over expectant customers and to attract and retain employees. But how can technology play a part and make an impact?

This Intellyx whitepaper highlights how businesses can better link and coordinate a vast collection of technologies, processes and people to drive winning customer and employee experiences.

The whitepaper: Process Orchestration as the Pathway to Customer Experience Innovation uncovers:

  • Ways enterprise leaders can get “past the glass” to create genuinely immersive and integrated experiences
  • How to tame the complexity of multiple technologies, processes and people and operationalize
  • How to connect across and through the enterprise with automation

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eBook: Disrupting the Legal Industry

How 5 Legal Organizations Drive Process Excellence

Technology is disrupting the legal industry. In a business where time literally is money, companies embracing technology and automation will thrive—while those that don’t, will continue to struggle. This eBook highlights five legal case studies that demonstrate the real-world value of process automation.

Download the eBook to learn how each of these organizations leverage technology to solve their unique business problems, as well as ten best practices you can use to transform your legal processes.

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Infographic—Top 6 Processes All Legal Teams Should Automate

Learn why all legal teams should be automating these key processes

Technology is changing the legal profession. If your company is not looking at automating these six core legal processes, you can be sure your competitors are. Additionally, client’s expectations for an efficient, streamlined process continues to increase.

This short infographic outlines six core processes every legal team should be automating and helps you understand the reasons for automating those processes.

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Transformative Automation: Balancing Power and Simplicity

In a post-pandemic world, businesses are still struggling how to automate complex and mission-critical processes. Companies know they need transformative automation—but how and where to start? It is the “how” that continues to challenge most businesses. The digital “visionaries” like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook, have all achieved incredible outcomes— So, how can you?

IDC Research explores how a modern approach to business automation can enable businesses of all kinds to grasp the nettle of transformation and work within their constraints to execute at scale.

In a recent report, Transformative Automation: Balancing Power and Simplicity, IDC Research uncovers:

  • The weakest links in a business for delivering transformation and how to overcome the challenges
  • What the key obstacles are for better enterprise decision making
  • How to drive change in digital products, services, experiences and processes
  • What you need to create a new business automation toolkit

Download the IDC Research Infobrief: Transformative Automation: Balancing Power and Simplicity for free today.

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Infographic: Accelerating Automation: How Businesses are Adapting to a Post COVID-19 World

The majority of business leaders say they have made business process automation a top priority in recent years. But now, 80% of business leaders say they face new challenges as a direct result of COVID-19. Organizations overwhelmingly agree that business process automation is crucial in a post-COVID world—but it won’t be easy. Businesses will have to invest in technologies that scale with the business, standardize strategies for continual process improvement, allow citizen developers to drive automation efforts, and most importantly, embrace change. Download this infographic to learn more about how K2, a leader in intelligent process automation, can help.

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Whitepaper: Accelerating Automation: How Businesses are Adapting to a Post COVID-19 World

Business process automation is challenging at the baseline – and COVID-19 has made it feel nearly impossible. However, it is more important now than ever.

Organizations overwhelmingly agree that business process automation must be embraced to address new, immediate business realities as well as to ensure long-term survival. This is not an easy road. Those who are most effective at overcoming barriers and rallying their teams to embrace change will be well- poised to win in the future.

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COVID-19 Just Accelerated Your Road to Automation

This webinar focuses on how COVID-19 has accelerated your road to automation, and how you can use K2 tools to not only patch the gap, but rapidly automate solutions across your enterprise. Learn tips to implement your automation strategy and become adept at adapting to crises with speed and agility. This discussion also explores how COVID-19 broke organization's processes, but more importantly how COVID-19 has created a new "business as usual".

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COVID-19 Remote Work Just Broke Your Processes: Here’s What To Do About It

Automating business processes to win, serve, and retain customers has been an imperative for years. With COVID-19 sending workers home to work en masse, the goal for many has become restoring manual processes that have either failed completely or been crippled. Read this report to learn how to mitigate the current business disruptions and set a foundation for faster, more agile process automation going forward.

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