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Data Architecture Optimization

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®), built on Hadoop, offers the ability to capture all structured and emerging types of data, keep it longer, and apply traditional and new analytic engines to drive business value, all in an economically feasible fashion. In particular, organizations are breathing new life into Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)-centric data architectures by integrating HDP to take advantage of its capabilities and economics. Download our whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of an optimized data architecture.
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How Big Data in the Cloud Drives the Connected Data Architecture

More and more companies are taking the journey to become truly data-driven — a smart, strategic shift for the future. But this journey presents some unique challenges. The high costs and resulting inflexibility of moving large computing infrastructures online has sparked interest in how cloud computing may alleviate some of the hurdles faced by today’s organizations in leveraging Big Data. Download our whitepaper to see how your organization can best leverage big data.
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Maximize Big Data in the Cloud

Today’s modern enterprise has options when it comes to computing: on-premises and in the cloud. Each has its own unique benefits. However, when it comes to Apache Hadoop, deploying it in the cloud offers additional benefits. Download our whitepaper to see how Apache Hadoop's cloud computing can help your organization.

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Scaling Your Organization With the Cloud

No matter your organization's size or type, data is your most valuable asset. As you continue to store and analyze customer and company data, on-premises deployment solution is no longer a cost-effective or scalable option.

Historically, organizations have used physical hardware to run programs or store data. Today, the information age has evolved into cloud computing as the preferred modern IT solution. To better understand how cloud computing can help your organization, download our whitepaper to learn more.

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