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Experience Near Home Network Performance Internationally

When roaming, voice calls and data sessions typically need to be routed back to the domestic ‘home’ network of the subscriber – adding latency and reducing data transfer rates and call quality. By treating subscribers more like domestic home subscribers, Truphone is able to reduce latency and provide data rates and voice quality akin to that on a subscriber’s home own network.

The paper explores Truphone’s international performance and network architecture. Truphone’s use of international network access arrangements and the intercontinental positioning of core network elements means that, compared to the roaming architecture of a typical mobile operator, Truphone provides:

- Faster data transfer speeds

- Improved voice call quality

- Better monitoring of network performance

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Compared to A Typical MNO, Truphone Offers Quality and Cost

Compared to a typical MNO, Truphone offers international users benefits in terms of quality and cost.

When roaming, subscribers generally face increased cost and diminished functionality of service compared to the standards they receive domestically. Truphone’s solution enables it to offer unique selling points over traditional MNOs for customers when roaming, focusing on quality improvements and lower costs.

This independent assessment of the structure and benefits of the Truphone network includes:

Comparison of Truphone and a typical MNO

- Subscribers may have up to eight phone numbers per SIM

- Network design offers the potential of higher calling quality and data transfer rates

- Domestic level of customer service extended around the world

- Proactive network monitoring as opposed to fault fixing

- SMS and call recording in over 160 countries

- Significant cost reduction across Truphone World

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Unfettered Mobility: Research Highlights

Organisations are increasingly international in both their outlook and their operations. This is being driven by developments in the global economy and the search for new partners, as well as access to travel and communications. As a result, businesses are making greater use of a global network of customers, suppliers and partners. IDC refers to this network as the International Extended Enterprise.
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