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Modernizing .NET Applications

As a .NET developer, you're constantly asked to build relevant and resilient software that can run anywhere. That alone is a tall order. But you're also asked to upgrade existing .NET software to unlock new value.

This practical ebook shows .NET developers and architects how to improve the most impactful parts of your existing codebase and build a sustainable process for refining your entire .NET app portfolio.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry & Microsoft Azure: Reference Architectures for Cloud Native Applications

Many companies want to become a cloud-native enterprise. Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is the most popular tool to help make this happen. Pivotal’s engineers and architects have worked with hundreds of the largest companies in recent years. Our team has refined “best practices” for how to best deploy PCF, and how to best develop modern apps. This insight helps customers reduce risk, and deliver high-quality software faster.

Many of these enterprises wish to run Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Microsoft® Azure™. Azure is a popular choice for several reasons. Read more to find out.

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Application Modernization with Cloud Flexibility

Enterprise developers face many choices when writing software. What’s the right architecture for the long run? What are the technologies I should bet on?

One of the more challenging decisions: how to balance the flexibility to deploy their software on any public cloud with the benefits of using differentiating cloud services. You may gain significant functional benefits from such a service, but this may make moving from one cloud provider to another more difficult, limiting flexibility.

In this paper, we’ll discuss pragmatic strategies you can take to achieve something approximating the ideal of service liquidity. Pivotal and Microsoft have worked with several enterprises and partners to provide an evaluation and implementation framework. The end result? Developers can utilize the power of a given cloud platform, while ensuring cloud flexibility for their application modernization projects. Read on to learn more about this framework.

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