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Bitdefender Announces Encryption for MSPs

#1 ranked Antimalware + Content Control now adds Encryption!

Watch this short webinar and learn why encryption will quickly become an essential service for MSPs and see how easy it is to start using the new managed encryption service from Bitdefender.

Stolen laptops or unauthorized access can cause important data breaches and non-compliance issues for organizations. In the short webinar we will walk you through:

  • Encryption in the context of data security and compliance regulations
  • Why and how much encryption adoption is set to grow
  • Importance of a layered endpoint security defense
  • How MSPs can easily manage encryption and endpoint security from a single console with Bitdefender

By proactively addressing data security risks, you improve your customer relationships, and grow your business.

After viewing, be sure to visit us, and learn more about our MSP Program here

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Benefits of Using Bitdefender Video Testimonial

Migrate 20,000 endpoints in just 90 days! That was the daunting task facing Safe Systems, a leading MSP that needed to strengthen their endpoint security. After looking at many alternatives, they decided to upgrade to Bitdefender. Check out their story.
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What You Need To Know About Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most prolific, profitable and fastest growing malware attack tools in the wild today. This Bitdefender White Paper will give you the details on what ransomware is all about and how Bitdefender addresses this threat better than any other vendor with patented technologies and techniques.
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