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Providing Continuous, Pauseless Operation for Java Applications

Business critical apps based on the Java platform are now facing challenges that were inconceivable a few years ago. They demand large amounts of data and memory at runtime to support high user and transaction loads.

That’s why Java applications can quickly reach scalability barriers. Learn how developers are improving garbage collection processes with technology that provides:

  • Predictable, consistent application response times
  • Greatly simplified deployments with fewer, large instances
  • Smooth scaling to memory heap sizes over 2TB without pauses
  • Reduced garbage collection tuning and JVM tuning
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Creating More Consistent Performance for Java and Apache Cassandra

Because Apache Cassandra - a NoSQL distributed database designed for reliability and high scalability - is written in Java, it’s subject to limitations and performance issues associated with traditional Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).

Due to response time outliers, frequent Java garbage collections, and out of memory errors, deploying Java-based apps and databases like Cassandra can be expensive, time-consuming, and require frequent re-tuning.

Learn how to resolve these issues and improve Java performance, even for workloads that require large memory, high transaction rates, low latency, and consistent response times.

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Using a Better Java: Meet Real-Time Business Imperatives

Java is ubiquitous, powerful, and productive – you could even say it’s the default language for the modern enterprise – but Java has serious limitations when it comes to enabling a real-time, mobile, big data businesses.

This white paper explores how to implement a better Java – one that meets industry standards, accelerates innovation, and makes better use of finite resources.

Learn how to:

  • Build Java apps that scale
  • Improve performance of existing apps without re-coding
  • Leverage big data and robust in-memory computing
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