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2020 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report

Successful digital transformation requires quality tools and secure systems, but it also needs the right culture. What human skills do business leaders find most valuable in operations? Which functional skills are growing in importance in development? What job titles are on the rise?

The Upskilling 2020 report explores the state of DevOps and human transformation, as well as the core skills required for successful DevOps adoption. This report reveals the emerging themes among IT professionals in the midst of digital transformation, including the difficulties of carrying out DevOps transformations and hiring the right humans. It also shares specific skills that are most needed among DevOps humans and examines the progress and importance of upskilling at the enterprise. The 2020 report offers insights from both a global and regional perspective.

The Upskilling 2020: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report answers these questions and more through research conducted by the DevOps Institute and sponsored by HCL Software DevOps. You can download your free copy of the report by filling out the form on this page.

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How DevOps leads the way to digital business transformation

Digital transformation has been occurring in organizations of all sizes for the past few years, yet the process isn’t moving fast enough to move the needle in many companies. How can DevOps help increase the velocity and impact of digital transformation? That's what DevOps.com's experts explore in this eBook.

Regardless of IT spending plans, nearly three-quarters of enterprise IT executives surveyed said they expect to either accelerate or maintain digital transformation initiatives and projects. The only way to accelerate the building and deployment of modern digital business applications is to embrace best DevOps practices. Organizations are quickly discovering that not only have the timetables for these projects been accelerated, but also digital business applications need to be updated continuously.

End users have come to expect applications to expose a regular cadence of new features and updates. They also expect those applications to be secure no matter what vulnerabilities have been discovered and when. The only way to live up to those expectations is to accelerate the rate and reliability of new features and functions added to an application.

Download the free eBook, "How DevOps leads the way to digital business transformation," to take a deep dive into this topic.

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Meet your all-in-one DevOps solution provider

HCL Software has combined the market-leading continuous delivery, value stream management, testing, modeling, and security tools to become your one-stop-shop for DevOps solutions and expert advice. It's now easier than ever to find the DevOps toolset that fits your organization's unique needs.

Join this webinar with DevOps leaders, Steve Boone and Brian Muskoff, to learn how your organization can benefit from HCL Software DevOps. See our solutions in action, and find out how we're addressing industry trends.

This webinar is great for software delivery managers, transformation leaders, and development professionals at any stage of their DevOps journey.

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The Top Seven Day Two DevOps Challenges

As DevOps evolves, engineering leaders face demands way beyond CI/CD automation. This guide explores the industry’s top challenges (and ways to solve them), including effectively scaling, delivering business results, and increasing productivity in software teams.

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Value Stream Management and the Next Decade of DevOps

As DevOps enters its second decade, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy.

Organizations can easily fall into the trap of settling for “good enough” because measuring productivity and flow across varying teams and systems is challenging. That’s where value stream management comes in.

Join HCL UrbanCode leaders, Brian Muskoff and Steve Boone, for a conversation about scaling your DevOps strategy by focusing on data and culture through value stream management. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What is value stream management and how it works in a DevOps culture.
  • How to harvest opportunity from your DevOps pain points.
  • The resources you need to successfully implement a value stream management approach.

This webinar is especially beneficial for technology executives, transformation leaders and DevOps managers who are responsible for their DevOps strategic direction.

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The Top 7 Day 2 DevOps Challenges

Now that the concept of DevOps has been around for more than a decade, the natural question for many is, “What now?” As DevOps evolves, engineering leaders face demands way beyond CI/CD automation. This eBook explores the industry’s top challenges, and ways to solve them, including:

  • the top DevOps challenges post-CI/CD implementation.
  • what challenges pose the greatest risk.
  • how to harvest opportunity from your DevOps pain points.
  • which factors are creating difficult-to-detect bottlenecks.
  • how to make your DevOps operations more productive.

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Understanding the Value Stream With Velocity

Today, most development teams use Agile planners or Kanban boards to track work. Once the code is integrated though, continuous delivery tools take over. Tracking work as it flows through all the tools of a DevOps toolchain can be a pain. UrbanCode Velocity solves that with a value stream visualization that stitches together the story across your toolchain. Join us for an overview and demo of Velocity. In this session, you'll learn:

  • How developers can track their work as it flows to production.
  • How testers can see what is in the pipeline.
  • How team or retrospective leaders can spot process bottlenecks holding their team back.

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