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A Comprehensive Buyers Guide for Retailers

The purpose of this PIM buyer's guide is to equip online brands and retailers with the knowledge and insights into the significance of PIM, the myriad of benefits it offers, key features to look for in PIM solution, pertinent questions to ask while evaluating options, and a comparison of some leading PIM providers in the market to make informed decisions while selecting the most suitable PIM solution for their business.

By adopting a powerful PIM solution, businesses can optimize product information management, reduce returns and shopping cart abandonment, build brand trust, and drive operational efficiency, setting the stage for enhanced e-commerce success and long-term growth.

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What is PIM for eCommerce

Scattered product information across places? Onboard a world of myriad possibilities with PIM!

A central place to store all your product information like variants, colours, sizes, material, SKU Codes etc., including media (housed in the in-built DAM). Manage, update and distribute accurate and consistent data across various sales touchpoints.

Get features like:

  • Product Enrichment.
  • Dynamic Price List.
  • Localisation.
  • In-built DAM.
  • Bundles and BOM.
  • Multi-brand, Multi-Vendor.
  • Multichannel Syndication.
  • Workflow and Validation.

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