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The Evolution of the Data Centre

The data centre is facing a significant paradigm shift as the traditional model of managing infrastructure shifts to one of automation and delivering IT as a service.

The so-called ‘explosion of data’ has significantly shaped the technology landscape in recent years. The Internet of Things has only added fuel to a fire well built by other trends like mobility, big data and social media.

The whitepaper reveals some interesting insights into current data centre strategies from a survey of senior IT professionals.

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5 Reasons Why CIOs Need A New Approach To Data Centre Services

Accelerating digitisation has changed the role of the CIO, and of IT, beyond recognition. To react fast to the market and boost competitiveness, CIOs need to adopt dramatically new approaches. This whitepaper explores the current IT landscape, the CIO’s changing role, and how this affects what they should expect from data centre services. It’s essential reading for CIOs seeking to drive real business value with a dynamic data centre infrastructure. The whitepaper highlights the 5 key reasons why a new approach is needed.
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Discover London’s 7 Key Advantages for US Companies

Choice is the biggest issue when locating a data center in Europe. Many countries claim an advantage in one specific area - climate, tax regime or skilled staff but fall short in others. However, there is one city with the scale, experience and talent to provide a complete digital solution for all businesses; from start-up to unicorn.

Download this eBook to discover the reason why London has long been a strategic data center location for US companies.

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A New World Of Colocation

Colocation services need to evolve to realign with changing IT strategies and market needs. This independent research by Bell Microsystems commissioned by Infinity SDC examines:

• The challenges facing organisations using colocation services

• The roadmap to flexible data centre contracts

• The benefits of colocation evolution and the impact on costs and power efficiency

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