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Step Up Your Team-Selling Game

By now, you’ve heard all the hype about team selling (also known as collaborative selling). Like how it’s the sales method that focuses entirely on the customer. Or that it’s been proven to be especially effective in closing deals with large accounts.

Well, we’re here to affirm that all the hype’s definitely got merit.

In fact, you may be 258% more likely to close a deal as a team versus going at it alone.

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The Guide to Team Selling in the Relationship Era

The idea of teamwork in sales has always been somewhat dubious. Traditionally, the stereotypical salesperson has always been someone who operates and wins deals through heroic solo efforts—and their experiences of work‑place isolation are well documented.

So, is sales really (and should it be) a team sport?

Well, yes. And here's how you can be the MVP.

In this ebook, you'll learn about:

  • The situations in which team selling will come in handy
  • The key components to successful team selling
  • Team selling best practices
  • And more!

Download the free ebook to find out how to make your team awesome at team selling.

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Agency CRM Best Practices eBook

Whether you're a brand agency, an ad agency, or an events agency (or any other type of agency), you're managing relationships. A lot of them.

And if you're still using spreadsheets, you're doing your team (especially your creatives) a disservice.

There are more efficient, easier‑to‑use, and more collaborative tools out there—and this is one of them.

In this free Agency CRM Best Practices ebook, you'll learn:

  • How to tackle common agency challenges with CRM
  • How a CRM can help you win clients, communicate more effectively, and build longer‑lasting relationships
  • How to get a team to enthusiastically adopt new technology
  • The secret to managing complex agency relationships—including with vendors, clients, and freelancers
  • And more!

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Customer Management In The Relationship Era Report

In the Relationship Era, customer relationships (and the way we manage them) have fundamentally changed. What was once a  one-­time transaction between a business and a single buyer has evolved into long-­term and mutually rewarding partnerships between teams and their customers.

In May 2018, we surveyed 1,059 business professionals to discover how they work together to build lasting customer relationships. Download our new research report, The State of Customer Management in the Relationship Era, to discover what we found.


  • Top objectives businesses are prioritizing in 2019
  • Top teams involved in building customer relationships
  • Top customer communication and collaboration channels
  • Top challenges with customer relationship management
  • Top integrations for maximizing team productivity
  • And so much more!

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ROI Survey ­Impact of CRM in the Relationship Era Infographic

In the Relationship Era, CRM is now impacting businesses and teams like never before. Yes, that means even marketing & customer success teams are using CRM now. We surveyed our customers to discover how they are leveraging their CRM to work together and build lasting customer relationships. We crunched the numbers and broke down the diverse ways in which CRM's are improving collaboration, productivity and much more.

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ROI Survey ­ Impact of CRM in the Relationship Era ebook

In the Relationship Era, CRM is impacting businesses and teams like never before. (Yes, even Marketing and Customer Success teams are using CRM now.). We surveyed our customers and crunched some numbers to find out how they're using CRM to collaborate CRM to collaborate and build lasting customer relationships.

Find out:

  • The 4 perks of CRM that only some teams know about
  • One of the biggest time-­wasters for Sales teams
  • The differences between teams that use CRMs and teams that don't
  • And more...

Don't get left behind in  mediocre CRM-­land. Download the ebook for free.

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