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Digital Transformation of HR

Employee engagement, recruitment and culture have all undergone a digital transformation. That can make hitting your HR goals more difficult.

This new guide features a range of tips and visual examples to help you connect with, engage, and motivate your employees in a digital workplace.

Get your copy now for tips and best practice on how to:

  • Boost engagement and reduce disconnection
  • Revitalize training and development
  • Create richer, more immersive onboarding
  • Rebuild positive workplace culture

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Cracking the Hackers – How to Build a 100% Engaged Human Firewall

Every day over 2,200 cyber-attacks hit organizations around the world. The human firewall is under threat. Phishing scams, malware and other tactics exploit remote workers’ weaknesses.

Doubling down and ensuring 100% effectiveness of your human firewall has never been more important.

This exclusive free guide contains everything you need for a successful cyber security campaign:

  1. The cyber-threat today – what does it mean for you?
  2. A block and tackle strategy – combining protection with proaction.
  3. Employee communication – tactics from training to breaches.
  4. Building an InfoSec campaign – how to get your messages read and acted on.

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How to Make a More Efficient IT Helpdesk

There’s a lot riding on today’s Helpdesk Managers and their teams. As organizations have expanded in size and scope, user demands for IT support have skyrocketed. Already busy support teams are under strain.

To offer a high-quality support service, Helpdesk Managers need to improve efficiency, by reducing call volumes and optimizing team outputs.

Get this exclusive free guide to learn seven solutions for reducing Helpdesk calls and boosting productivity. Find out:

  • How to maximize your team's capabilities.
  • Tactics to increase user knowledge.
  • Best practices for Helpdesk communication.
  • Clear, visual instructions for implementation.

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DevOps In An Unplanned World

When done right, DevOps Practices can rapidly increase the speed of release cycles. What happens when critical events occur which cause business disruptions resulting in delays in release schedules? Every minute of outage can mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes even millions, lost when mission-critical applications are involved.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • The 3 key factors for managing a successful service delivery value chain
  • Different curveballs which can add additional friction to the service-delivery process
  • How Everbridge can help organizations deliver services faster and achieve a higher rate of customer satisfaction

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10 Reasons Why You’re Missing Your SLAs

Disruptions caused due to digital issues result in you not meeting the terms of your SLAs (Service Level Agreements) which then result in downtime and service disruptions. On average, the cost of downtime is $9,000 per minute as per the latest MIM report. This can have a negative impact on your brand reputation as well.

Thus, meeting SLAs is a top Enterprise priority. We have compiled a list of factors that lead to you missing your SLAs, download this whitepaper to learn:

  • The solutions to the different factors causing you to miss your SLAs
  • How to establish a streamlined workflow
  • The value of automated escalations

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Why Standardize Orchestration and Automation of the Incident Response Process

There is a real cost to lost opportunities resulting from unplanned technology disruptions, outages, or breaches. In order to minimize downtime and protect people, facilities and business operations, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) need timely information on the nature of every critical event and context to understand how it is affecting the business overall.

In this Executive Brief we cover best practices which help a CIO better orchestrate and automate incident response process and discuss:

  • The three standard ‘Pillars of Response’
  • The five focus areas to achieve digital resiliency
  • A CIO’s role in critical event management

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