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Self-Awareness: The Key to Becoming a Complete Leader

Leaders lead, managers manage, supervisors supervise.

More Importantly, they lead others, manage others, and supervise others.

But when was the last time they supervised or managed themselves? Is that even an area of concern for them? Or have they grown so accustomed to observing others that they had forgotten that the fundamental trait of being an effective leader is to be aware of their own behaviors?

Are they aware of how their behaviors are affecting team cohesion, productivity, engagement and more importantly, organizational goals?

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Developing a Leadership Capability Framework to Increase Employee Engagement, Retention and Productivity

Enterprises are facing multiple challenges when it comes to both employee engagement/retention and productivity. The current historical low unemployment rates mean that it’s difficult for all employers to find new, and quality, talent. Employees, understanding that they can move if dissatisfied with the leadership and/or their functional work, are doing so: one third of Australian workers are considering quitting their jobs as the “great resignation” continues to disrupt organisations in all sectors.

Meanwhile, another 30 per cent of workers are actively participating in quiet quitting. Quiet quitting describes employees that refuse to work beyond the minimum required of their job – this includes overtime and taking on additional responsibilities. Should an organisation become too filled with “quiet quitters”, the overall productivity and ability for the organisation to be nimble will be compromised.

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How To Conduct 360° Leadership Feedback Survey Debriefs

There are a few key points to note when preparing to deliver a 360 debrief:

  • The goal is to identify a maximum of four development areas that will improve leadership capability.
  • Make your feedback relevant to the individual’s role responsibilities, especially strategy, people, innovation & organizational knowledge.
  • Continually reinforce that the 360 survey measures perceptions and what you are looking for is differences in the perceptions of the respondents.

We strongly recommend printing off the report and following our structured process as outlined in this guide.

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