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Managed File Transfer Buyers Guide

Is your Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution falling flat? The right MFT solution will enable your enterprise to maximize security and compliance, while maintaining system uptime. Our MFT Buyers Guide walks you through what you should look for in a provider and also offers you a checklist of items that your chosen MFT solution should provide.
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Enterprise Mobility Management 101

Enterprise mobility management safeguards an organization’s data and network security, while supporting employee productivity. Minimize organizational risks by implementing a BYOD policy and using supporting technologies to enable employee productivity.
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Managed File Transfer: Can your business thrive without it?

The right managed file transfer solution for your enterprise will deliver bottom-line results and peace of mind. Our whitepaper will show you what an effectively designed and deployed Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution will do for your enterprise. Discover how the right MFT solution will enhance business growth, enhance operational efficiency, enable compliance, reduce costs, and improve ROI.
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Infographic: WAFS vs. Traditional File Replication Tools

Efficiently transmitting mission critical modeling and design files between multiple teams in worldwide offices is instrumental to today's architecture, construction and engineering professionals. But as projects span across a smarter set of secure exchange tools are required to bridge the gap.
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The Accidental Trojan Horse

Today’s workforce expects instant access to information, and the ability to send and receive data at the press of a button. When corporate technology and tools are too difficult and cumbersome to use, employees will find a workaround.

Most often, that workaround is a consumer-grade file-sharing tool that they are used to using at home, such as personal email, consumer file-sharing sites, portable storage devices, and cloud storage services, all of which present unique and significant security and compliance risks to organizations.

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Distributing Confidential Documents

Workspaces is the answer! Workspaces is a feature of EFT that allows employees to invite people inside and outside of their network to share folders and their content without IT losing governance, visibility, or control.

• Employees are given a tool that fulfills their online file sharing needs that they have become used to, in a way that conforms to corporate policy.

• IT staff can deny access to cloud-based file sharing services within their organization without interrupting workflow.

• IT staff retain the ability to delegate permissions, add/delete users, and manage shared folders.

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Secure the Transfer of Sensitive Emails

The media frequently publishes stories about data breaches in which usernames, passwords, and email addresses are stolen. Rarely do they mention the fact that if your username, password, and email address are stolen, the criminals also have access to your email content. Even without a data breach, when an email is transferred to a server outside of your control, the owner of that server can view the email content.
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PeaceHealth Uses Globalscape Solution to Secure Healthcare Records

Healthcare organizations store vast amounts of healthcare records. What may come as a surprise to some, healthcare records are more valuable to criminals than credit card numbers or social security numbers alone according to the “Fourth Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy & Data Security” conducted by the Ponemon Institute. Because of this, healthcare organizations must take extra precautions to protect the records.
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What is Downtime Costing Your Hospital?

Think about the last time your information systems were down. Patient admissions, medical records, and other data collection had to be done on paper, which later had to be scanned in or manually entered into the system. Or maybe the data was never collected at all? How many thousands of dollars in overtime did that cost you—not to menƟ on your damaged reputation from backlogged admissions and delayed orders. How many future clients did you lose from that one incident? How many of your nursing or offi ce staff quit in frustration? How would you like to prevent that from ever happening again?
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Supporting Business-Critical Operations with High Availability Clustering

Businesses count on consistent, dependable access to their mission-critical resources and applications. They rely upon systems such as managed file transfer (MFT) solutions to ensure the security and integrity of these assets and to facilitate uninterrupted processes and operations. A gap in this service—even for just a few minutes—can cause losses of data, business opportunities, and revenue.
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Multifactor Authentication

The classic username+password authentication on to an account is only as secure as the security and complexity of the password. Passwords can be stolen or forgotten, and can place an unnecessary burden on support departments to reset passwords or to delete and recreate accounts. People are notoriously terrible at remembering complex passwords, so we tend to make them easier to remember—and easier to guess. Then we make it worse by reusing the same passwords in multiple locations.
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Control Risk Across the Enterprise with a Managed File Transfer Solution

Enterprise risk has grown dramatically in both scope and complexity since the dawn of the digital era. Cybersecurity represents only one branch of risk management in today’s business world—companies are also tasked with regulatory compliance demands as well as operational challenges that can only be tackled by IT departments. As executive boards seek to address these evolving strategic components, the role of technology becomes even more inextricable from the foundations of the corporate outlook. This shift has put additional strain on corporate budgets and has left many organizations uncertain about their risk assessment strategies at large.
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