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The Growing Cybersecurity Threat

In 2020 alone, there were over 1,000 cyberattacks in the U.S., exposing almost 156 million records.

Comparing those numbers to 2010, when there were 662 breaches with 16.2 million records exposed, shows how much more aggressive cyber thieves have become in just the past decade.

In this guide, learn more about the 3 major cybersecurity risks and how to counter them.

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Online Briefing: Top 5 Reasons Hackers Want Your Employees’ Phone

While most organizations are realizing that they need to protect their employees’ mobile devices in order to protect confidential corporate data, some companies try to remain blissfully naive to the hacking opportunities smartphones and tablets present. Given the ever-growing use of mobile devices and the number of mobile cyberattacks, companies can no longer plead ignorance to these mobile threats.

Join our webinar to learn about the top 5 reasons hackers want access to your employees’ mobile devices. In this webinar, we review:

  • Ways hackers can compromise mobile devices
  • How hackers weaponize devices and gain access to corporate information and systems
  • The best approach for protecting your company, employees and customers from these mobile threats

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Managing Digital Transformation in a Boundaryless World

During the past few years, the phrase “Moving to the Cloud” has evolved from a marketing message to a mature business and technology strategy aimed at creating a more agile business, institution or government.

Launching a digital transformation involves a lot of planning. The entire executive team needs to define what “digital” means to your business or institution. Part of this discussion needs to include the realization that business now extends far beyond what happens within your four walls. Thanks to a number of different technologies, business knows no bounds.

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