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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is imperative for enterprises seeking agility and resilience. However, many businesses struggle with a harsh reality: their digital transformation efforts have stalled.

The weight of the existing workload and a constant need to address other lingering issues hinders enterprises from successfully getting through the digital transformation journey. Despite their best efforts, transformation leaders struggle to know how to gain traction.

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Low-code vs No-code vs Pro-code

Low-code and no-code technologies are rapidly gaining popularity. They are emerging as the future of application development by enabling organizations to develop apps faster, cheaper, and with fewer resources.

In this webinar we will provide an in-depth comparison of low-code vs no-code vs pro-code. We will also examine the impact of these technologies on the IT workforce and how they are changing the way organizations approach application development.

Join us to explore the benefits and challenges of low-code and no-code technologies beyond the hype.

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The All-in-One: The Low-Code No-Code Work Platform

People closest to a problem know how to fix it best. So we empowered business leaders with Kissflow the #1 Work Platform built on low-code/no-code paradigm, used by customers across 160 countries. Make your Digital Transformation journey smart & simple. Try Kissflow today!

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Atlas Roofing Streamlines Processes

Atlas Roofing wanted to build streamlined processes that allowed them to track approval and change requests. They were on the lookout for a workflow tool that allowed them to create processes with ease and provided a clear view of the status of each process. Kissflow fit their requirements to a ‘T’.

Since 2014, Atlas Roofing has been a proud customer of Kissflow. They’ve leveraged the platform to automate processes related to production, finance, and HR. This has saved them countless of man-hours that would otherwise have been wasted doing everything manually. In addition, they’ve also saved thousands of dollars in operating costs.

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