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Cover Your Assets: Protect Your Company’s Most Important Possession

Whether accidental or hacker-initiated, data loss can pose huge costs to your organization. In this webcast, uncover the financial impact of data breaches, and learn why a DLP solution that integrates with a Unified Threat Management platform is the most effective way to prevent data loss.


-How to protect the growing volume of data in your network with a powerful DLP solution that controls information as it moves across boundaries
-How DLP technology directly secures your data, and solves the most common leaks in your network
-How attackers leverage SQLi to steal data and five key tips to follow to stop them from accessing your assets
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The Market Has Spoken: Why You Need New Tools to Simplify Security

With the internet's growth in security technologies, unintended complexity for security professionals has intensified. Described in this article are the factors contributing to security management complexity and why enhanced visibility and manageability across security technologies is the right remedy. In this Frost and Sullivan report, you'll discover the biggest factors contributing to security management complexity, and why improving visibility across security technologies is the best way to protect your data.

Download the report and discover:

* How to simplify the task of managing network security with tools that go beyond just using and maintaining a stand-alone solution
* How to gain greater visibility into your most sensitive data with consolidated management functionality across network security tools
* How to establish one set of automatically-implemented policies to more effectively remediate security breaches and today’s most lethal threats

Find out how WatchGuard can help your organization identify and overcome key network issues.
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