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Remote Support Buyer’s Guide

More and more organizations are looking to implement an intuitive remote support solution that gives support professionals on-demand productivity and provides quick resolutions to the ever-evolving set of pains that bedevil support teams today. But choosing the best remote support solution can be a challenge, especially as user expectations grow and systems become more complex and offer more options and features.

This buyer’s guide can help you select the remote support tool that will work best for your organization. With more than 15 years of experience, LogMeIn delivers a market-leading portfolio of solutions to fit any of your remote support requirements.

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Infographic: Day in the Life of a Support Agent

Life doesn’t have to be stressful for a remote support agent. Sure, there are always fires to put out - last-minute software upgrades, crashed servers, forgotten passwords. But with the right remote support tools, demanding organizations can satisfy their evolving needs anywhere, anytime, from any device. Here’s what freedom looks like for one support agent.

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Abderden Report: Onward to the Future of IT Support

In this Aberdeen report, we look at how new technologies and evolving consumer expectations are transforming IT support. Organizations primed to deliver innovative solutions and meet the high expectations of customers can expedite support, resolve issues faster, increase productivity, reduce costs, and leave end-users satisfied.

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5 Essential Data Points to Consider When Selecting a Remote Support Solution

The better your engagement and support processes are, the more efficient and productive your business will be. But you need the right remote support tool and choosing the best one for your organization is critical to success. Look not at just the solution's features but also at what it offers you in the results. Many competitors and non purpose built support solutions won't give you the results you need to get the job done right and on time. Consider these results as you investigate the use of a remote support tool.
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Support Services as a Competitive Differentiator

Fast and effective support will be a competitive differentiator for companies and represents a strategic opportunity in a digitally transformed world. As the number of devices increases and users expect that the time to resolution contracts rapidly, organizations are challenged to deliver uninterrupted access and use of IT devices and applications. Learn the necessary steps to transform your help desk in 2018.
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Biggest Tech Support Time Wasters

When it comes to IT support, time is money. When you take into account loss of employee productivity, a company of 10 employees could lose as much as $183/hour of downtime plus the cost of support. When downtime occurs, every minute counts, and communication is key - especially if the issues are actually easy to fix.This infographic highlights some of the biggest communication barriers to resolving tickets.
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The Real Value of Remote Support: Projecting the ROI of GoToAssist

Digital transformation initiatives are built upon the ability to leverage IT resources anywhere and anytime needed. Fast and effective support is a key foundational requirement in a digitally transformed world. This paper explores the business case for adopting GoToAssist. Technology Finance Partners, a firm specializing in producing ROI analysis, has cooperated with LogMeIn to estimate the value and overall ROI.
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