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Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies

In this small book, Scott D. Lowe discusses the trends that are leading modern IT to hyperconverged infrastructure. He also discusses both the technical and business benefits that come from implementing a data center based on hyperconverged infrastructure.
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Day In The Life of an IT Manager

This eBook is designed to help forward-looking IT Managers envision a different way of working —where simplicity replaces complexity. We’ll look at what makes managing today’s IT environments so challenging—increasing complexity, poor visibility and constraints on budgets and space. Then we’ll help you visualize a new way of working that greatly simplifies the challenges of managing data, infrastructure and operations. Imagine way of working in which you have the time to really help your company improve the way it does business, and save you money.
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State of Hyperconvergence EMEA (Report)

ActualTech Media surveyed over 500 technology professionals and members of organizational management in order to gauge people’s understanding of hyperconvergence, as well as how the market is adopting such solutions. We also sought to understand how well expectations are meeting reality when it comes to hyperconverged infrastructure.
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