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Not every user’s “office” is the same. Why should their devices be?

Work is no longer somewhere you go, it’s something you do. Today, workers demand more freedom to choose where, when and how they do their jobs. They expect the same when it comes to the devices they use.

In the past, selecting work computers was a straightforward process. Now workers rely on a wide array of devices to get their work done.

Last year, Dell studied North American office workers and pinpointed 7 archetypal “work styles” and tailored its suite of computing devices and accessories.

This guide will help you identify the users in your organization and match them with Dell PCs and accessories optimized for their specific needs.

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Client Hardware Refresh Toolkit

Softchoice developed this Toolkit to help organizations better prepare for their Client Hardware Refresh . In most organizations, this is a major undertaking, and the task becomes even more complex if your offices are spread out across multiple regions .

Technology users’ work behaviors have changed considerably. Our research study revealed that 72% of employees now work remotely at least once per month . 62% of employees think they’re more productive working outside the office . And 70% of employees would quit their job for more flexible working arrangements somewhere else, including the chance to work from home more often . How people engage with work has changed over the years - employees need different devices, accessories, etc . to stay productive .

Dell has found a third of employees feel they have better technology at home than they have at work.

What does all of this mean for IT? First, you need to re-evaluate your client hardware decisions to better reflect the needs of your workforce . Do your current devices support future transformation?

This Toolkit will help you take the first steps in re-evaluating your end-users’ requirements . We also share how Softchoice’s IT Department approaches a major client hardware refresh for our 1,300 employees . You’ll also learn how to gauge the pulse of your organization, and make your investment decisions pop!

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Welcome to Workplace 2.0

The way we work has reached the next stage of evolution. Mobility and the cloud make it possible to bring the job anywhere. Modern technology lets workers select the computer or mobile device that makes them most productive. Collaboration tools allow colleagues to connect and create from any location. The youngest generation of the workforce has a whole new perspective on the connected workplace. Organizations need to adapt, or risk becoming relics.

Dell found 82% of workers believe a device tailored to their job would make them more productive. Meanwhile, over 80% of workers are dissatisfied with the technology they have.

Here’s what we found about how today’s workers feel about the new workplace ecosystem.

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VMWare ELA Webinar

Learn more about VMware Enterprise License Agreements and how to manage them through this Softchoice webinar. Take a dive with us into what ELA is and how it works while you discover how you can leverage the value of the Softchoice platform.

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VMWare Enterprise Licensing

Even the most advanced IT department has difficulty procuring, deploying and managing thousands of assets in an enterprise environment.

The average enterprise overspends on software by 25%. Meanwhile, 39% of installed software lacks proper licensing, creating audit risk. With VMware in particular, enterprise licensing is even more difficult to navigate. According to Gartner, finding useful advice on VMware enterprise licensing is next to impossible, thanks to a lack of public information and highly-customized terms and conditions.

This guide is your starting point to VMware Enterprise Licensing Agreements (ELA). The 3-year contract simplifies your licensing while unlocking up to 40% in savings on new licenses and support. Use this resource to uncover the key actions you must take to unlock the most value in negotiating, optimizing and renewing your VMware ELA.

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