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LogMeIn Case Study

LogMeIn was looking for a new partner to help them seamlessly handle a consistently growing invoice count and integrate with NetSuite. Their current partner had a static solution with no new releases or updates, and the team at LogMeIn wasn’t even sure whom to contact when they had questions or needed support.

The added challenge that Covid-19 brought was the shift many businesses had to make to handling all invoicing electronically. From 2019 to 2020, LogMeIn experienced a 26% increase in the number of invoices they are handling monthly.

The LogMeIn team decided to partner with YayPay by Quadient to manage their credit-to-cash process based on several factors:

YayPay has a commitment to continuous improvement, so there have been frequent updates and releases to add value to the product on a regular basis.

YayPay has a seamless integration with NetSuite, creating a more powerful solution for managing AR.

The YayPay product team was open about sharing the product roadmap and receiving ideas and feedback from LogMeIn about how their needs could be better met.

The user interface and customer portal were far friendlier and easier to use than the Salesforce.com interface they had been working with prior.

Learn more about how YayPay helped LogMeIn streamline their AR workflow, download the case study!

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Become A Revenue Hero: Credit 2 Cash

Accounts receivable (AR) is central to your business health, yet still suffers through manual processes, siloed data repositories, and general inefficiency. But you can change that. You can be a Revenue Hero.

In this Credit to Cash primer, see how you can apply data management, automation, and transparency to your process in order to increase cash flow, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. Be the Revenue Hero and make an impact today.


  • Tips for optimizing your AR processes for greater productivity - and reducing headaches
  • How automation drives higher cash flow and maximizes efficiency
  • Why a self-service portal is critical to your customer happiness metric
  • How to manage collections in a way that improves customer loyalty
  • Why predictive analytics is a must-have for better forecasting
  • And much more that covers the full credit-to-cash process!

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CoreanGen Case Study

When the global crisis hit, CorneaGen faced a monumental challenge. The company’s days sales outstanding (DSO) was averaging 73-78 days and invoices older than 150 days represented $1.5 million of revenue. This situation needed to improve quickly, or the organization would risk facing serious cash flow problems.

The AR team struggled with significant inefficiencies caused by poor AR practices. When invoicing, old credit notes were applied to outstanding invoices. This meant that when a customer took a credit note, CorneaGen’s team had to spend time reconciling information in the invoice history. This stalled the process and took time away from revenue-generating activities.

YayPay seamlessly integrated with CorneaGen’s NetSuite ERP to unlock the company’s financial data. The team immediately benefitted from having data organized and presented on centralized, cloud-based dashboards. Customization capabilities enabled the team to create reportable fields for data, which eliminated the time previously spent scrolling through endless customer information.

Learn more about how YayPay transformed CorneaGen’s AR team – download the case study!

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The Total Economic Impact of YayPay By Quadient

Discover your potential 3-year business benefits and cost savings in this study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by YayPay.


  • TEI framework to apply to your own organization to examine YayPay's potential economic impact.
  • Key findings - quantified and unquantified benefits.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • YayPay overview and value proposition.
  • Composite organization example and analysis of benefits.
  • Financial summary.

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