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Native Mobile vs. Progressive Web App: Developer Evaluation Guide

With just over half of all internet traffic serving mobile devices, your users expect a smartphone-friendly experience. But does that mean you have to invest in the creation and maintenance of native mobile apps?

Progressive web apps (PWAs) offer an alternative to native mobile development. PWAs give your users a native app-like experience but, under the hood, they're just standard web applications with some mobile-friendly additions. Depending on your app's needs, PWAs could help you get to market faster, improve discoverability, and reduce maintenance costs.

Is a PWA right for your next project? Download this evaluation guide where you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of progressive web apps
  • Business benefits and advantages of PWAs
  • The pros and cons of PWAs
  • How OutSystems accelerates PWA development

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Head-to-Head: Monolith vs. Microservices

Wednesday, June 23 at 2pm ET

The pace of technology innovation has dramatically accelerated and IT can no longer postpone the modernization of legacy systems. Modernizing legacy applications is an iterative process—one that doesn’t have to involve a start-from-scratch approach.

Decoupling is one of the approaches companies can take to create flexibility without ripping out the entire legacy portfolio. By refactoring systems into microservices, companies can take advantage of the scale, reusability, and flexibility of cloud-native apps.

Join our upcoming Tech Talk to learn more about how you can use OutSystems to leverage microservices and to modernize your IT portfolio in a progressive approach. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • What functions should be broken out of a monolithic application and how granular your microservices should be
  • How to realize the scalability and flexibility from modernizing to the cloud
  • Best practices to define a modular and future-ready architecture

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Cloud Innovation Summit

May 11-12, 2021

Accelerating Cloud Innovation: Building Modern Apps with OutSystems & AWS

The rapid advancements in cloud technologies have changed the landscape and economics for digital transformation

Done right, the cloud opens amazing new opportunities for any organization to reach customers,enhance productivity, and drive efficiencies.

Done wrong, the complexity and technical debt that plague traditional platforms leads to the same paralysis with which IT has struggled for decades.

Imagine being able to build modern digital customer journeys and pivoting quickly as your customers’ expectations change! How about adapting your legacy systems to new business opportunities quickly?

With AWS and OutSystems you can launch into your most ambitious cloud digital transformation imperatives without being held back by the specter of technical debt.

Join our upcoming Virtual Summit where you’ll learn how to:

  • Say goodbye to the application backlog
  • Build the cool apps you want, no matter how complex
  • Bring in the latest tech like reactive web, AI/ML, IoT, RPA, and microservices

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How to Integrate Everything and Connect to Anything

April 28 at 2:00 PM EDT

With the number of systems of record growing, application integration has become a time-consuming aspect of application development. There’s often a lack of APIs, and even when they are available, using APIs from different systems spread across an organization, or even outside it, is no easy task.

Setting up integrations with any external system of record, regardless of the communication protocol, shouldn’t cause application delays. To see how you can quickly link your applications to data in existing systems, join our upcoming Tech Talk where we’ll cover:

  • The growing importance to integrate with everything and the challenges you may encounter along the way
  • How to build, accelerate, and complete the integrations needed for the most complex, feature-rich applications
  • Ways you can extend existing applications, infrastructure, and SaaS, all without slowing anything down
  • How to consume and expose REST APIs and SOAP web services visually and rapidly

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