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See how Bitnami Stacksmith can optimize your DevOps pipeline

Datasheet Overview:

  • What is Stacksmith?
  • Use cases
  • Integrations
  • Architecture templates
  • Support
  • Pricing

Package your Applications for the Cloud

Cloud platform know-how is built into the tooling, templates, and automation that Stacksmith uses to package and optimize your applications. Stacksmith delivers everything you will need to successfully deploy to whichever platform you choose.

Automate Ongoing Maintenance

Once your application is running, how will you keep it up-to-date and secure? Stacksmith continuously monitors trusted sites for new releases and security updates for your application's components, provides alerts when available, and offers a simple re-packaging process.

How does Stacksmith work?

You provide your application code and scripts, select a few parameters, and hit create. Stacksmith pulls together the dependencies, documents and packages them, and delivers everything you need to deploy your application to your chosen cloud platform - the VM or container image and the deployment template. Deploy and utilize native cloud services that are now available to you!

Stacksmith then delivers ongoing value by continuously monitoring the dependencies, alerting you when updates become available, and providing a simple way to re-package the application.

Templates encode best practices so you don't need to be an expert, and support for multiple platforms and formats means you can explore new technologies at your own pace and don't have to worry about vendor lock-in.

Stacksmith can be used to package and maintain new or existing applications, and can be used on its own or integrated with the development tools and processes you already use.

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Bitnami Stacksmith

In this illustrated white paper, you’ll learn how Bitnami’s flagship product, Stacksmith, modernizes your DevOps pipeline by automating the packaging of your applications for today's cloud and container platforms, and continuously maintain them so they stay up-to-date and secure.

Learn Stacksmith’s benefits for developers, IT ops, IT security, and DevOps teams, and how Bitnami Stacksmith is the simplest way to package applications and assets for today's cloud and container platforms, and automate the ongoing maintenance of these applications so they remain up-to-date and secure.

What is Stacksmith?

Bitnami Stacksmith is a single, standardized packaging and maintenance tool that generates deploy-ready, cloud-native assets in multiple formats for multiple cloud vendor platforms. Stacksmith provides two primary functions:

  • Automated packaging

Stacksmith’s automated packaging takes your assets – application code, configuration policies, and scripts - incorporates the platform dependencies, maps the cloud platform service integrations you specify (ie. Database), optimizes the results for your chosen platform(s), and delivers everything you will need to successfully deploy.

  • Ongoing maintenance

Stacksmith also simplifies the ongoing maintenance of your assets by continuously monitoring private repositories (for code, script or config policy updates) and trusted sites (for system package updates and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)), and providing manual (click ‘update’) and automated (supports continuous updating) methods for you to re-package your applications, ensuring they stay up-to-date and secure.

Bitnami now offers Stacksmith in three tiers:

  • Stacksmith Public - for individuals with open source projects and those using open source software. Free of charge.
  • Stacksmith Team – for groups to get applications packaged and in production, or get from VMs to containers, in a programmatic and cost-effective way. Starting at $800 per month.
  • Stacksmith Enterprise - for large organizations that require single-tenant delivery and directory integration. Contact us for pricing.

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