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Four Things to Look for in a Call Center Software

This guide is written to all salespeople, sales managers, VPs, IT, customer service and general management (CEO, CTO, CFO). It should be a required reading for an-yone that is part of the decision to expand to a call cen-ter. It is specifically written to those companies that have outgrown the typical ways of cold calling and desire to move into a full-fledged call center program to accel-erate company growth.

Within this document we will focus on the importance of the following in a call center software:

  • Stable platform on which to base the system
  • Enterprise-grade, full-featured software
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Works for your budget

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Fast Food Chain Order Voicebot via Dialogflow

Our client is one of the leaders within the fast-food industry. Their aim was to gain a competitive advantage by processing orders faster than industry average, even during peak periods.

To achieve such success, the client wanted to deploy a voicebot. This voicebot was to ensure problem-free deliveries and improve customer satisfaction rates.

They asked for an AI solution with machine learning capabilities that can support phone orders, and Call Center Studio delivered.

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World’s Third Biggest University Interactive Chat Response (ICR)

Our client is a prestigious university with high enrollment rates. Before Call Center Studio, they used to outsource their call center operations. However, the company wasn’t able to address the high demand during peak seasons such as registration/enrollment and exam periods.

The client also had a chat platform operating on Adobe to help decrease call traffic by navigating students to chat services. However, Adobe’s infrastructure requires updates from all end-users, which actually complicated things even further.

Eventually, students would experience trouble with the chat service and end up calling the university’s call center. The chat system was also unable to direct the students to the correct representative. Thus, the call center agents were overwhelmed with all the chat-related calls when they already had their plates full.

Call Center Studio exceeded expectations by using ICR to solve the problems, providing the university with a huge efficiency boost.

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Black Friday Chatbot via Google Dialogflow

Our client is one of the regional leaders within the e-commerce industry and wanted to remain anonymous for this case study. Despite having an expanded call center team, they were challenged to manage their increasing traffic during Black Friday. Increasing the number of agents was just insufficient, costly, and not sustainable.

To better manage the increasing call volume, reduce agents’ stress and decrease customer complaints in the most efficient and effective way, the client needed a chatbot that would understand customer requests and provide solution.

As a solution, Call Center Studio designed a Chatbot using Google’s Dialogflow to automatically handle repetitive requests.

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Discover Benefits and Best Practices to Improve a Call Center

In the modern world, call centers remain one of the most challenging places to work in. They have very high turnover rates, usually low employee satisfaction, and are regarded as a cost center by most executives.

The ongoing pandemic has had a major effect on how businesses operate, including call centers. It forced many offices to close down and created pressure to switch to a work-from-home (WFH) environment. There is no saying if this “new normal” is here for good, but many businesses have already decided to cultivate WFH while some are still struggling.

So, how can you manage your team effectively in one of the most challenging environments under the pressures of digitalization, remote work, and customer demands?

Download this Success Kit to discover how to improve your Call Center.

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