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Building a Security Practice Within Your MSP

You’ve done everything right: moved from break/fix to managed services, increased your security offerings, and reinforced protections for your customers. But have you double checked your own doors? MSPs are value-rich targets—cyber criminals don’t have to go after individual clients when they can get them all in one fell swoop.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to boost your own cybersecurity practices. Our eBook, Building a Security Practice Within Your MSP, can help. In it, we outline ways you can begin to establish a secure culture, such as:

  • Practicing fundamentals, like proper cyber hygiene.
  • Focusing on both physical security and a virtual safety-first mentality.
  • Implementing employee policies that mitigate insider risk.

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Using Documentation to Boost MSP Efficiency and Drive Profitability

Some MSPs rotate technicians on accounts, while others keep one technician per account. Even if you rotate technicians, customers sometimes develop a fondness for specific technicians. It’s not always about ability; sometimes, they just “click” with a particular technician, or they have one outstanding interaction with someone and don’t want to switch. If someone works on an issue and it isn’t their preferred tech, they already have a mark against them. If they take a while to fix an issue or introduce a new error because they don’t know the environment well and the documentation is poor, this bad interaction could lead to undesirable consequences for your business.

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4 Ways Passwords Can Increase Your Risk

These days, we have to remember a dizzying amount of passwords simply to get through the day. To deal with this, many people sacrifice password strength to make them easier to remember. However, easy-to-remember passwords are easy-to-crack passwords. If a cybercriminal can steal user credential from your MSP business, it could easily be catastrophic to your company.

Get our free eBook, 4 Ways Passwords Can Increase Security Risks, to discover:

  • The reason why passwords can fail in modern IT environments.
  • Four ways passwords can open you to frightening security risks.
  • Tips for stronger passwords.
  • Key reasons for using a password manager for your MSP team.

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