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Keep IT Costs Low and Performance High with Mobile Barcode Scanning

A new generation of barcode scanning is upon us. The best replacement for dedicated scanning devices is often a traditional smartphone. Discover how smartphone-based barcode scanning offers a significantly lower TCO than legacy and mobile barcode scanning hardware. Learn how mobile barcode scanning easily and cost-effectively integrates into any workflow, app, back-end or store system.

  • Mobile barcode scanning is the next generation of barcode scanning
  • Smartphones with mobile scanning software are an effective replacement for dedicated devices
  • Mobile barcode scanning has much lower TCO than dedicated scanning devices
  • Mobile barcode scanning integrates easily into existing workflows, apps and systems
  • Mobile back-end cloud services provide in-depth analytics and extend software lifecycles
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Scanning Your Way to Increased Revenue

Retail has entered the seamless era. Retailers who want to survive need to future-proof their enterprise by utilizing the latest mobile solutions to improve store operations and reinvent consumer engagement. Discover how retailers can integrate mobile barcode scanning into existing workflows to maximize sales and loyalty across all channels. From increased supply chain visibility to streamlined in-store fulfillment and increased consumer loyalty, mobile data capture helps boost revenue and lower operating costs.

  • Constantly connected consumers are disrupting retail operations
  • Real-time supply chain visibility lets workers quickly find, pick, and ship desired goods for customers
  • Fulfill digital purchases in stores, increasing brick-and-mortar revenue
  • Integrate mobile barcode scanning into existing workflows
  • Maximize sales and loyalty across channels
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