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A step-by-step guide to taking COBOL apps into the Cloud

Taking your COBOL applications to the Cloud needn’t be difficult or costly. COBOL’s unique portability enables easy deployment to many platforms, including Cloud and virtualization environments – and all without code changes. At Micro Focus, we break down complexity so your move to the Cloud is easy and seamless.
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Visual COBOL: The Agent of Change

This white paper explores the challenges that many organizations face when addressing their IT backlogs while implementing the innovation that will drive future growth.

It also offers a potential solution to these challenges in the form of Visual COBOL, a Micro Focus development environment that bridges the gap between existing IT issues and advanced technology.

You will learn about:

  • The issue of IT debt
  • The skills gap between common IT issues and the developers who need to address them
  • Disruptive technology and innovation
  • Development efficiency
  • New architecture
  • Future challenges
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Taking COBOL into the Cloud: A #HowTo Technical Video

Discover how easy it is to deploy your COBOL batch applications to the Azure using Visual COBOL, modern technologies and smart practices. Michael Bleistein demonstrates a step-by-step approach for COBOL deployment to the Cloud. To learn more on how you can take your first steps into the cloud, visit: www.microfocus.com/cloud
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Loads Better: Delivering reliable applications with confidence

There will soon be more mobile devices on the planet than people to work them. That's 10 billion devices all hooked up to the internet. More organizations than ever are using mobile and enterprise apps - people just like you check their bank accounts from their mobile up to five times a day. So your load performance testing plans have to reflect that pressure.
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Silk Central: Visibly better

Software must perform across more platforms than ever before, so it must be stronger and more flexible than ever before. It has to be future-proof and - of course - delivered yesterday. Organizations must increase application quality and reduce the time to market. It's a problem. Perhaps that's why, on average, 68% of projects don't succeed, 50% are late and 40% require rework. Fragmented infrastructure can prevent efficient testing and disparate teams affect traceability and compliance.
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Silk Test: The bug buster

If software is important to your business, then a robust software change management strategy should be vital. Complex software requires frequent changes and inadequate testing means more bugs. Bugs can and will cause software failure, loss of market share and reputational damage. Whatever the size of your company, one little bug in your flagship software product can cause big problems. Change management needs careful handling, because your company is only as strong as your software testing.
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Move up to Enterprise Developer for zEnterprise

Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for IBM® zEnterprise® is the core technology for zEnterprise application development. The time is right for Mainframe Express (MFEEE) customers to move up to this new development platform and enjoy the benefits of Enterprise Developer. Here's why.
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Mainframe application delivery and deployment – a fresh approach

Mainframe environments have historically been the natural choice to run the mission-critical business applications that enterprises rely on. Over time developments in processor technology have meant that Linux®, UNIX® and Windows Servers® have become able to deliver mainframe equivalent performance at a fraction of the cost. They can therefore offer more options to respond to change required by the business, while delivering the appropriate Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS). This paper looks at the options available to mainframe application decision-makers who are looking to map their mainframe IT strategy to their next generation of business needs.
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A step change in development efficiency

The development process for mainframe applications is no simple matter - it is far more than just cutting code and testing it. Improving technology is only half the story and failure to support key processes will severely impact developer adoption. This technical white paper explains how Micro Focus can help development teams improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the zEnterprise development processes by customizing the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the specifics of mainframe configuration management integration.
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