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Big Data Security for Dummies

The sheer number of advanced security threats is growing every day. So is the sophistication of cyberattacks. Custom malware. Drive-by downloads. Watering-hole attacks. The list goes on and on. Read Big Data Security for Dummies, and learn how to harness the power of Big Data to detect, analyze, and respond to today’s sophisticated attacks.
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SANs Incident Response Paper Executive Summary

Building a proactive incident response practice requires the right mix of tools, processes and training. This executive summary for the SANS white paper, “A Proactive Approach to Incident Response,” details the ingredients you need to improve the maturity of your response capabilities.
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The Top 8 Mobile Security Risks: How to Protect Your Organization

As enterprises mobilize business processes, more and more sensitive data passes through and resides on mobile devices. And while almost every CIO knows how important mobile security is, getting a grip on it can be tough. There’s a lot to consider, and new factors enter the equation all the time.

On the pages that follow, you’ll find an overview of the key issues you need to be on top of right now to protect your organization, its employees and its customers.

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IPv6 Shadow Networks are Here Today

Many enterprises are planning to transition their working environments to IPv6 over the next two to ten years. But long transition horizons should not fool IT organizations into thinking that all IPv6 issues can be deferred to the future. End points – PCs and Macs as well as smartphones and tablets – are enabled with IPv6 today. Carriers provide IPv6 services, and moderately modern routers and switches are IPv6-ready. These facts raise a key issue: you may very well have IPv6 connectivity and traffic in your enterprise today. If it’s not in your network policy to allow that, you’re out of compliance. Confirm that your security infrastructure is properly enabled and configured.
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Four Steps to High Performance WAN and Internet

Problems with application and network performance on the WAN and Internet links are caused by many and varied issues – congestion, latency, protocol design, sudden bursts of disruptive traffic – all contribute. New factors make the calculus even more complicated: social networking, BYOD, cloud applications, growing video content, even IPv6 traffic growing in the shadows. It’s tempting to respond to these problems by jumping to a single set of technologies that fix certain aspects of performance. We recommend, instead, that you take advantage of Blue Coat expertise and technology to take the four simple steps described in this paper.
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