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Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

Deploying technology that helps streamline operations and drive innovation is a top priority in the digital agenda. Find out how the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service can support your digital transformation goals.
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How Mobility Is Changing the Enterprise

Forward-thinking enterprises use mobile technology across their organizations to give employees, suppliers, and customers access to appropriate data when and where they need it. In this paper, Harvard Business Review examines how mobile 2.0 is about innovation and transformation. Download now to learn how you can reap the benefits of mobile 2.0.
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Mobile Commerce: The Path to Customer Engagement

Mobile technology provides an unprecedented way for enterprises to establish and strengthen customer relationships, as well as increase revenues. Download this mobile commerce playbook from SAP and InfoWorld to learn what you need to know in order to get started in creating your mobile commerce strategy.
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Rethinking Analytics For The Social Enterprise

In this paper, The Tapscott Group examines how today's enterprises are embracing the social revolution by leveraging new analytics to enable better-informed decisions and richer collaboration in real-time. Read more to learn how your organization can gain a competitive advantage.
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Managing The Total Cost Of Ownership Of Business Intelligence

Take a close look at the factors that drive total cost of ownership (TCO) for business intelligence. Learn how your organization can position itself to deliver a cost-effective business intelligence solution that meets your user community's thirst for information, addresses new data sources, and offers the lowest TCO.
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Beat the 3 “Vs” with Real-Time, In-Memory Technology

Companies today are struggling with how to deal the 3 "Vs" of their data. They must manage and use vastly larger volumes of data. They must incorporate a greater variety of data types such as that produced by social media and smart devices. And they must handle the velocity of today's data gathering, processing and analyzing fast-changing data in real time. In-memory technology has increasingly become the way to address the challenges of data's 3Vs and achieve business success.

A recent survey by Slashdot Media asked more than 500 IT and business managers four key questions concerning real-time, in-memory technology to support business analytics/intelligence objectives.

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Big Data and Business Intelligence: Organizations Hunt Actionable Insights to Improve Business Ops

In the past few years Big Data has grown quickly, from fringe topic to a top concern of CIOs and business leaders. No surprise; organizations of all sizes are drowning in ever-growing pools of data, desperate to put it to good use.

To better understand the challenges, opportunities and practices related to Big Data, Slashdot Media recently conducted a survey of 500 IT and business leaders, with a special focus on the role of business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA).

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Big Data, Big Advantages

Join SlashDot Media Editor, Joe Maglitta as he takes a look at the hard and soft ROI of leveraging big data, based on real experiences from top organizations
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Big Data and Analytics, SAP Style

Is your head spinning from trying to understand how to best capture, organize, understand and leverage Big Data? You're not alone. Join Slashdot Media Editor Joe Maglitta and his team of industry experts, for a clear look at SAP's strategy and offerings.
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