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Expand Your Team’s Collaborative Potential With Microsoft and Zscaler

For enterprises seeking to thrive in today’s shapeshifting working environment, enhancing productivity and collaborative workflows means strengthening their cloud-based application delivery with a direct internet connection.

Unfortunately, many organizations continue to rely on traditional network architectures, which simply weren’t designed for the collaborative needs of today’s workers. But as a hybrid workforce evolves to encompass both on-premises and remote teams, modern, SaaS-powered collaboration is the new reality—and the Microsoft 365 suite of collaborative tools is leading the charge.

Explore Zscaler’s leading solution for meeting Microsoft’s connectivity recommendations, and equip your business with the power to:

  • Identify and differentiate Microsoft Office 365 traffic.
  • Egress network connections locally.
  • Avoid network hairpins.
  • Bypass inspection proxies.

In a new e-book, Maximizing Your Microsoft 365 Investment: Enhancing Security and Accelerating Productivity with Zscaler, you’ll learn how optimizing your internet connections can overcome the challenges of a disparate workforce, with enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, and lower operating costs.

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Maximize your Microsoft 365 Investment With Collaborative Tools From Adobe

With flexible workstyles now the norm, use of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 are at an all-time high. From e-signatures to document collaboration and creative tools, Adobe’s most powerful capabilities integrate natively into Teams to drive greater productivity and enhanced business growth.

In the on-demand webinar Adobe helps you get more done in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft and Adobe partner to explore maximizing your investment in Microsoft 365 by taking advantage of the full suite of Adobe productivity capabilities. Watch the webinar to see how to:

  • Collaborate on PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat
  • Add e-signatures to face-to-face meetings with Live Sign
  • Bring security and tracking to Teams Approvals with Adobe Sign
  • Access Adobe Creative Cloud files and collaborate on projects

All within Microsoft Teams.


  • Mike Ammerlaan, Director Microsoft 365 Ecosystem Marketing, Microsoft
  • Garrett Schwartz, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe
  • Ben Vanderberg, Sr. Tech Product Evangelist, Adobe

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Link your social and CRM to drive real business value

Running paid and organic social campaigns is crucial for businesses today, but tracking likes, comments, and shares doesn’t tell you how—or if—those engagements are leading to actual sales.

The problem is a lack of data integration: Without pushing social engagement data into your CRM, it’s hard to match it with other behaviors like purchasing, applying, or donating.

Explore how Hootsuite is integrating social data into Microsoft Dynamics 365 to reach consumers in their favorite digital spaces and turn likes into real leads. Download the e-book Linking Social and CRM to learn how data integration is the key to extracting real business value from social, and what steps your business can take to truly capitalize on the time and resources it invests in social media.

Get actionable guidance into how uniting social and CRM can transform your business, ensuring you can:

  • Join the right conversations to find new customers
  • Tie identity to engagement for a more complete customer profile
  • Improve custom audience targeting to strengthen your social media ROI

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Hear from experts on how to address key challenges in equipment rentals

Offering consumers the exceptional customer service they want and sustaining efficient maintenance, logistics, and other operations are critical for successful equipment rental organizations. Maximizing your utilization of equipment investments while identifying and trimming costs throughout customer and equipment lifecycles are unrelenting business factors in ongoing operations for equipment rental businesses.

In the webinar How to Address Key Rental Challenges, Microsoft and To-Increase partner to share the real-world story of EQIN, a leading equipment rental company that realized new value by digitally transforming their business with To-Increase’s DynaRent Solutions Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Watch the webinar on-demand now by clicking the link below, and see industry experts discuss:

  • Automating rental processes to reduce end-to-end costs and measure TCO
  • Improving utilization of rental equipment
  • Streamlining rental operations to maximize profitability and stay ahead of competitors
  • Speakers:

    • Kevin Davis, Sales Specialist, To-Increase
    • Martin Luttik, Project Manager, EQIN
    • Ben in’t Veld, Application Architect, EQIN
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Boosting user efficiency and productivity in the work-from-home economy with Microsoft Dynamics

The average company has over 300 mission-critical apps to support. With most employees now working from home, CRM applications must adapt to users, not the reverse. WalkMe running on Microsoft Dynamics 365 can create a user-friendly CRM environment to help build a more efficient and productive workforce.

In the webinar The Economic Impact of Digital Adoption, Microsoft and WalkMe will partner to bring experts who will discuss how to unveil the power of digital adoption across Dynamics 365 and its economic impact on your business. Watch the webinar NOW to explore:

  • Accelerating onboarding and adoption of Dynamics 365
  • Seeing and understanding usage, bottlenecks, and user productivity with Dynamics 365 adoption
  • Streamlining change management and automating best practices
  • The business impact of digital adoption and reaching up to 368% ROI


  • Amir Farhi, Chief Business Development Officer, WalkMe
  • Zach Cohen, North America Partner Manager, WalkMe
  • Jim Kvoriak, Enterprise Sales Engineer Team Lead, WalkMe

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Secure cloud video-streaming & premium quality of experience with Harmonic & Microsoft Azure

Reliable, quality video streaming and delivery has taken on critical business importance as many areas of daily life move into the digital realm. Now is the time to unlock business opportunity from your video content with AI-driven and scalable video delivery solutions that enable greater monetization.

With a cloud-based approach to video, you can increase monetization opportunities, ensure low latency streaming, and create high-value channels with the agility you need to scale in real-time. Explore the shift from passive, traditional broadcast viewing to more personalized, interactive on-screen experiences that drive higher per-user revenues and increase customer loyalty.

Learn more in the e-book Deliver Video Streaming Services with the Power of the Cloud and discover how Harmonic’s VOS360 cloud video streaming platforms:

  • Provide a secure, cloud-based solution for even the most complex video workflows
  • Enable dynamic, server-side ad insertion for targeted advertising
  • Ensure maximum uptime for worldwide service continuity
  • Simplify media workflows with unrivaled video quality on every screen

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Building resilience into manufacturing in a disruptive world

Manufacturing operations are continually grappling with the uncertainties and rapid changes across the business landscape—factors and events well beyond their control. This has been true for years and is now even more acute with a pandemic causing wild swings in supply and demand.

Smart application of the latest technology can help operations anticipate and adapt with more agility, but many manufacturers have been slow to fully embrace digital transformation, still relying on familiar but inefficient devices such as analog clipboards. The right partners can provide manufacturing operations with:

  • Insights, technologies, and innovative solutions to help digitally transform more quickly with less risk and an increase in return on digital investments.
  • Integrated and standard ways of working for sustainable operational excellence.
  • Online services that help build and sustain capability and empower people.
  • Off-the-shelf use cases that have been tried and tested.
  • Point solutions to address critical shop-floor challenges.
  • Practical applications of digital technologies focused on creating immediate value.

Read the e-book Greater Resilience and Higher Performance for Manufacturers: Accelerating Digital Transformation with EY Smart Factory to see how having the right partners can give you the operational resilience to thrive in today’s disruptive business environment.

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eBook: Microsoft 365 Identity and Security Assessment

In today’s world, there is a plethora of IT solutions that overlap in functionalities. Some of these solutions are not being utilized to their fullest, while others are duplications.

Concerning overall data security environments, more often than not, organizations have unforeseen gaps from an IT infrastructure perspective. While mobile devices and cloud applications have accelerated workplace productivity, they also create new opportunities for security vulnerabilities due to access and permissions. Managing around those vulnerabilities can be operationally difficult.

Download our e-book to learn how to implement a more holistic approach to securing your organization’s data, enabling remote productivity, and reducing costs in these times of shift and change.

  • Ensure your organization’s data and IT infrastructure are secure
  • Enable mobility and remote productivity without compromising on security
  • Streamline solutions to gain efficiency and reduce costs
  • Leverage the power, flexibility, and security of Microsoft 365

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