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ANSYS® 5G Antenna Solutions

5G is the next technological revolution — the pervasive, ultra-fast compute network will connect billions of devices with data on-demand. It will drive economic expansion in many sectors, spawn new products and services and transform our lives as we now know it.

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ANSYS® 5G Mobile/UE Solutions

The thermal stability of miniature wireless assemblies in a 5G-capable smartphone or other antenna-enabled 5G user equipment is important to ensure that the entire system conforms to its expected behavior. Power-hungry applications in varying environmental conditions can cause swings in device temperatures, leading to thermal cycling effects.

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Zoom Developer Platform and App Marketplace

Over the last few years, Zoom has built a mobile-first, scalable, real-time collaboration platform that is easy to use and delivers seamless video in challenging environments. We were approached by our clients and customers who want to customize our collaboration solution to their own needs and integrate Zoom into their existing workflows. With that in mind, we launched the Zoom Developer Platform and App Marketplace.

Focus on building great user experience. We’ll take care of the video for you.

  • Powerful APIs, SDKs and MobileRTC™ stack.
  • Superior quality & reliability.
  • Works on every platform.

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2019 Global Video Conferencing Company of the Year Award

Background and Company Performance

Industry Challenges

As digital transformation proliferates in all aspects of business, people are seeking more effective ways to communicate. The globally distributed enterprise is demanding video conferencing to better equip employees for collaboration across boundaries.

While video conferencing is nothing new to businesses, the technology had been cumbersome and inflexible. The consumerization of video has led to an exploding demand for simple and hassle-free video conferencing that allows users to connect with anyone from any device and location with a click of a button. Vendors enabling these simple and compelling user experiences are winning.

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Huddle Rooms and Open Spaces are becoming video-enabled. Are you Ready?

Connected workplace drives newer ways to work

Forward-thinking CIOs are fully leveraging the power of rich collaboration to radically improve the performance of their businesses. Audio, video, web conferencing; messaging; and content sharing are converging into single-source collaboration solutions providing users more choice in communication modalities.

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