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How to Overcome the Microservices Sprawl

Recent survey data reports that over 85% of IT professionals who adopt a container framework see a significant improvement in their overall approach to crucial IT operations. Has your team optimized their microservices and container framework?

Are you optimizing your microservices frameworks to the best of your ability? IT organizations know how critical it is to maintain performance while adopting and expanding into a container-based framework, so a main component of ensuring your applications are built to scale is identifying the best solution to monitor the performance of container based functions and capabilities.

Read our guide to overcoming the complexity of adopting microservices and containers to understand how its transformation and adoption within IT organizations applies the DevOps transformation to critical business outcomes.

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Why DevOps is an Essential Part of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation disrupts every industry vertical, and applications are the key differentiator between who succeeds and who misses the bar. Every successful application needs a successful strategy. For modern web and mobile apps, we look to DevOps.

As DevOps becomes more than just a nice-to-have component of digital transformation, it’s critical to know the aspects that bring the best ROI from its adoption. As it brings together cross-functional teams to collaborate and streamline results into business outcomes, it requires tools that manage business, performance, and user data in one platform; it requires Application Intelligence.

This eBook delves into the best practices in implementing DevOps toward your digital transformation.

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Top 10 Java Performance Problems

As Java applications become more distributed and complex, finding and diagnosing performance issues becomes harder and harder. The good news is, these performance issues can usually be attributed to only a handful of root causes. In this eBook, Steve Haines talks about how to troubleshoot and diagnose some of the most common performance issues in Java today.

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The Ultimate DevOps Toolkit

Discover and leverage the frameworks, processes, and platforms that support the DevOps Lifecycle.

What exactly makes up a DevOps culture?

DevOps is about continuous delivery while maintaining quality, and it is only possible if the right tools are chosen to support relevant people and processes. This means that it is essential for the tools and applications used to develop, test, deploy, monitor, and manage applications all work seamlessly together.

This e-book breaks down the various foundational components that build up the transition to DevOps within an enterprise. It also introduces the continuous life cycle that maintains the integration and collaboration needed to deliver an exceptional end user experience with your applications.

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How to Build (and Scale) with Microservices

How to migrate, implement, and optimize with microservices, and why your business needs it.

Microservices are a type of software architecture where large applications are made up of small, self-contained units working together through APIs that are not dependent on a specific language. Each service has a limited scope, concentrates on a particular task and is highly independent. This setup allows IT managers and developers to build systems in a modular way.

Read this eBook to gain a deep dive on the essentials of microservices, including the characteristics of the technology and its meaning as a business initiative.

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10 Things Your CIO Should Know About DevOps

Teams that adopt DevOps deploy software 30x more frequently and with 200x shorter lead times. Does your team know what it takes to get results like these?

DevOps has already taken the IT world by storm, and it’s continuing to transform the way organizations develop, deploy, monitor, and maintain applications, along with underlying infrastructure. It’s quickly transitioning from a niche scope to a critical business outcome to all teams hoping to scale to digital transformation.

We collected the top 10 practices around DevOps your CIO and team need to know about to adopt the best model for success.

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Application Performance Management: Best Practices

As Application Performance Monitoring tools become more widely used by organizations, there are trends surfacing among those organizations that are fully embracing APM as a strategic initiative within their IT organization. This paper offers a brief overview of APM and then details the 10 emerging best practices drawn from real APM user experiences so you can improve your own APM strategy.
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From Dev to Ops: An Introduction

This introduction to DevOps whitepaper will give you the breakdown of what exactly DevOps is, why it’s a necessary approach and how to collaborate across the lifecycle. It will also discuss the 7 Habits of Highly Effective (DevOps) People to give you the insights from other teams and help you start to build your own DevOps framework.
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