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Scalability in Document Management Systems

As digitization and process improvement continues, boosted by globalization, remote work, and the reduction of paper-based and manual processes in general, the reliance on document management systems increases in step. As cloud-based applications and storage also increase, there is an opportunity to leverage cloud-native services to create working document management systems (DMS) that can keep pace with the growth of any organization.

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Build Your Perfect Document Management Solution

FormKiQ gives you full power over your organization's information and workflows.

  • API-First Document Management
  • Includes a Web-based Document Console
  • Runs in your own AWS Account for better control and data ownership
  • Ready for Integration with internal and external applications, as well as with 200+ AWS Services
  • Open core version that is free to install and use
  • Pro and Enterprise offerings for extended functionality and support
  • Optional Enterprise add-on modules to meet specific use cases

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