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Gamification for Cyber Professional Development

From incident response managers to network analysts, many cyber professionals are turning to active, hands-on exercises to improve their abilities. But why is gamification such a powerful new learning approach? Let’s find out!

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E-Book for CISO’s: How To Do More With Less

This ebook by Circadence helps CISOs and cyber leaders understand strategic ways to develop and enable cyber teams with the right tools and tactics to stop imminent threats. This e-book will cover:

  • Why development of cyber team skills is critical to a company's security posture.
  • How to cultivate a cyber team that is dedicated to continuous improvement.
  • What to look for in a cyber training program in order to maximize ROI.

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Project Ares Gamified Cyber Training

Project Ares allows cyber teams from across enterprise, government, and academic institutions to automate and augment the cyber workforce by providing immersive, gamified cyber range learning environments that emulate company networks. Realistic scenarios engage teams in immersive, mission-specific virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity and a large library of authentic threat scenarios.

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Learn the 3 A’s for Enhanced Cyber Awareness

We can't train our way out of the cybersecurity skills gap and staffing shortages. But CISOs can ASSESS current infosecurity practices, ALIGN cyber team performance with overall business objectives, and ADOPT ACTIVE-LEARNING exercises that engage employees.

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Upskill Cyber Teams with Artificial Intelligence and Gamified Learning

Today’s hardworking cyber workforce is strained, stressed, and depleted, leaving many executives to ask: what options do I have?

That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) and gamified cyber learning come into play. In the wake of imminent threats, these new approaches encourage progressive skill building partnered with friendly team competition to improve security readiness efforts through hands-on, learn-by-doing activities.

We propose organizations looking to upskill cyber teams and improve cyber preparedness can do so using AI and gamified learning.

What's Inside?

  • Learn why gamification is gaining traction as a new way to engage learners in skill building
  • Discover how AI can support cyber professional task completion and incident investigation
  • Understand why new ways to address today’s cyber threat are needed to minimize the widening cyber skills gaps
  • Learn five strategies for collaborating between the C-Suite and cyber teams

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