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IDC MaturityScape: Multicloud Management 1.0

This IDC study is the IDC MaturityScape for multicloud management. After reading this study, IT decision makers will be equipped to effectively evaluate the existing maturity of their organization's cloud management tools, processes, and governance models and will be able to create a collaborative process to harness internal best practices and available services and tools in ways that best promote business agility and innovation.

"Multicloud management strategies need to look beyond the simple automated cloud resource provisioning and configuration needs of individual teams and departments," explains Mary Johnston Turner, research vice president, Enterprise Systems Management Software. "Enterprises need a structured process to harness best practices, standardize configurations and management tools, and take full advantage of state-of-the art cloud application performance monitoring and analytics."

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Five Best Practices for APM in the Digital Economy

Evolve your approach to Application Performance Monitoring by adopting five best practices that are outlined and explored in this e-book:

  • Embrace the philosophy of app-centric infrastructure monitoring to drive cultural change in IT
  • Perform ongoing synthetic transaction management to identify potential problems before they impact the business
  • Identify and track usage trends around KPIs using passive end user experience monitoring
  • Use active end user experience monitoring for real-time, real-world visibility into actual user interactions
  • Discover and map complete app topologies to enable fine-grained monitoring of resource consumption per app
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Modernize Change Management While Minimizing Business Risk

Finding the balance of agility and control is critical for IT organizations looking to minimize risk associated with IT Change Management. As IT infrastructure continues to grow in complexity, IT’s traditional roles are forced to adapt to support the new demands on change management. Creating a balance of control while maintaining agility will be important to support the smooth operation of your organization.

In Modernize Change Management While Minimizing Business Risk we discuss three key principles for creating a new approach to change management.

  • Automate with purpose: eliminate risk and do it sooner rather than later
  • Move from data to insight: make better decisions with contextual data
  • Empower the occasional user: make the experience simple and intuitive
  • Make IT change management easier on your entire organization.
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Mission: Launch a Digital Workplace

Employees crave the same user experience at work that they enjoy in their personal lives. Smartphones. Social media. On-demand everything. Enterprise organizations that rise to the occasion and meet these new employee expectations within the workplace stand to win big. In this new eBook, we share insights from top industry experts and offer you a 5-step countdown to launching a digital workplace.

We will show you how to:

  • Spark a need for digital change
  • Uncover employee needs with user personas
  • Assemble a change team
  • Align people, process & tech
  • Spread the word within your enterprise

Read the eBook for tools and tips for retaining top talent and increasing employee productivity and engagement today.

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4 Common IT Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Technology is driving innovation in business today. As a result, businesses and their customers rely more and more on technology to do their jobs — IT is at the center of this movement and must meet demand while addressing customer and employee challenges. IT service management (ITSM) systems support IT departments in their effort to keep up and move the company forward. ITSM can make the job easier, and free up resources to innovate. Follow this guide to learn about challenges in today’s technology-driven marketplace, and how to find solutions with cloud-based Remedyforce for ITSM. Then, hear how three Remedyforce customers specifically benefited from ITSM.

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The Key to Real-time Visibility Across IT: Start-anywhere Application Mapping

Higher levels of complexity, coexistence, and constant change in today’s data center make understanding business applications, services, and their underlying infrastructure nearly impossible using traditional discovery and mapping methods. To manage complex business applications and digital services effectively, IT organizations must have a dependable, accurate data center map of all assets, their dependencies, and information about how they support the business. Without this, they risk being overwhelmed by constant firefighting efforts to avoid IT problems that can lead to revenue loss, reduced profitability, brand damage, and unhappy customers going to the competition.

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Empowering the Workforce

It’s no secret that social, mobile and collaborative technologies have changed the way people interact. More than ever, individuals expect their business applications to resemble the user experience of their personal applications. A modern approach to IT service management (ITSM) can help both sides of the service desk work smarter, faster, and more easily. Gain expert insight to meet the needs and expectations of the modern workforce. Download the white paper today.

Learn the four key elements for today’s ITSM, including:

  • Full mobility on any device
  • Consumer-style self-service
  • Embedded social collaboration
  • User-centric design
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Forbes Insights: The State of IT Service Management 2017

As the pace of digital business accelerates, companies need their IT organizations to focus on innovation, not in-the-trenches maintenance. BMC and Forbes Insights conducted a global survey of more than 250 senior-level executives to examine the state of IT service management today—and its role in digital transformation.

We found that increasing investments in ITSM leads to wide and varied benefits for digital transformation, including increased transparency into systems, greater flexibility, enhanced development productivity, and a better ability to add new services. And the impact isn’t limited to digital transformation—ITSM also plays a role in cloud computing, mobility, and big data. Indeed, for companies of all types and industries, ITSM has become a core enabler of the initiatives that drive competitive advantage.

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Coloque os projetos de Big Data em produção na velocidade do negócio

As empresas dependem da TI para oferecer os serviços digitais que impulsionam o crescimento e a inovação. Os CIOs também se deparam com a constante demanda dos executivos de negócios executivos para alavancar novas tendências em busca de vantagens competitivas. Em ambos os casos, o desafio é que o departamento de TI adote novas tecnologias o mais rápido possível, de uma maneira que ajude a acelerar o tempo de lançamento para novos serviços. Em se tratando de grande volume de dados, isso ainda é um esforço para muitas organizações. Apesar das previsões entusiasmadas e do claro potencial, relativamente poucos projetos Hadoop realmente chegaram até a produção, em parte por causa da complexidade do ecossistema. A automação pode ajudar o departamento de TI a superar essa complexidade, tornando possível cumprir a promessa de big data e criar os serviços digitais necessários ao negócio quando são necessários.

Este artigo explora os desafios que atrasam muitos projetos Hadoop e como eles podem ser superados através da automação nas etapas de instalação, desenvolvimento e produção.

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A automação do fluxo de trabalho do Hadoop aumenta a eficiência e a vantagem competitiva

Em agosto de 2015, a BMC solicitou à Forrester Consulting que conduzisse um estudo de como os clientes estão usando o Hadoop em suas organizações. Depois, para explorar melhor essa tendência, a Forrester desenvolveu uma hipótese de que uma iniciativa bem-sucedida de Hadoop não pode ser conduzida isoladamente, mas requer um esforço integrado que cresce e se estende pela empresa. E, uma vez que o processamento em lotes é uma parte importante do fluxo de trabalho do Hadoop, a automação do fluxo de trabalho e o agendamento de tarefas devem ser considerados no início de um projeto de Hadoop, em vez de em uma fase posterior.
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Operações de TI eficientes exigem a automação da carga de trabalho

Em maio de 2016, a BMC contratou a Forrester Consulting para avaliar como as empresas estão utilizando as ferramentas de script e agendamento de tarefas para aumentar a eficiência geral da TI e dar suporte aos fluxos de trabalho de negócios. Depois, para explorar mais a fundo essa tendência, a Forrester testou uma hipótese que afirmava que a mudança dos scripts manuais e do agendamento de tarefas ad hoc para uma automação de tarefas empresarial e controlada aumentaria a eficiência operacional da TI.
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La automatización de las cargas de trabajo es un requisito de las operaciones de TI eficaces

En mayo de 2016, BMC encargó a Forrester Consulting la realización de un estudio para determinar cómo se utilizan las herramientas de scripts y programación de tareas en las empresas, para mejorar la eficacia global de la organización de TI y dar cabida a los flujos de trabajo empresariales. Forrester, con objeto de profundizar más en el estudio, puso a prueba la hipótesis de que abandonar los scripts manuales y la programación ad hoc y utilizar la automatización de las tareas, controlada y en toda la empresa, contribuirá a aumentar la eficacia operativa de TI.
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Connexion de Hadoop à l’entreprise

L'écosystème Apache® Hadoop® s'est développé plus rapidement que les outils et le savoir nécessaire pour l'exploiter. De ce fait, de nombreux programmes de Big Data d'entreprise se sont enlisés. Les développeurs s'efforcent de concrétiser la promesse du Big Date en une réalité tangible. Des douzaines d'outils disponibles contribuent à la difficulté car ils ne sont pas interopérables avec les systèmes d'entreprise existants et nécessitent des compétences spécialisées.

Les entreprises doivent clarifier leur feuille de route pour faire leur choix parmi le labyrinthe constitué par les outils propriétaires et créer des workflows de Big Date et les mettre en production. BMC Control-M Application Integrator est un outil de conception d'automatisation des charges de travail qui permet aux entreprises d'apporter rapidement une valeur ajoutée à partir du Big Data en créant de nouveaux services automatisés.

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Conecte Hadoop a la empresa

El ecosistema Hadoop® de Apache® ha crecido más rápidamente que las herramientas y los conocimientos disponibles para aprovecharlo. La consecuencia es que muchos programas de big data de empresas se han estancado. Los desarrolladores se esfuerzan en hacer que las promesas de los big data se conviertan en una realidad práctica. Hay multitud de herramientas que aumentan el problema, porque no son compatibles con los sistemas anteriores de la empresa y para manejarlas hacen falta conocimientos especializados.

Las organizaciones necesitan una guía clara para superar el laberinto de las herramientas propias, crear flujos de trabajo de big data y ponerlos en funcionamiento. BMC Control-M Application Integrator es una herramienta de diseño de automatización de la carga de trabajo con la que se puede obtener rápidamente valor a partir de los big data mediante la creación de nuevos servicios automatizados.

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Die Workflow Automatisierung in Hadoop steigert die Effizienz und erhöht den Wettbewerbsvorteil

Entdecken Sie die zentrale Stellung der Workload-Automatisierung in den Big Data-Strategien moderner Unternehmen

Die in IT- und Unternehmensleitungen durchgeführte umfassende Umfrage von Forrester bietet wichtige Einblicke in Big Data-Strategien, einschließlich der Vorteile von Workload-Automatisierung für eine schnellere Datenverarbeitung, mehr Effizienz und geringere Fehleranfälligkeit. Informationen zu:

  • Wie und warum Unternehmen Hadoop-Workloads automatisieren
  • Welche Automatisierungs-Tools und -Methoden immer beliebter werden
  • Erfolgsbewertung von Hadoop-Initiativen
  • Entwickeln von Modellen und Anwendungsfällen für Hadoop-Bereitstellungen

Wenden Sie die Ergebnisse aus dem Artikel von Forrester Consulting zu Thought Leadership an, um alle Vorteile von Big Data für Ihr Unternehmen zu nutzen. Laden Sie die Studie noch heute herunter.

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